On July 22, the premiere of the film “gray man“- a spy thriller in which Ryan Gosling (“Drive”, “Blade Runner 2049”) and Chris Evans (Captain America in the Marvel films) collided. It is also the first blockbuster by Joe and Anthony Russo that they have not directed for Marvel – the brothers previously shot two parts of the films about Captain America and the last “Avengers“.

We have already watched the film and are ready to share our impressions. There will be virtually no spoilers in this article.

Special agent six. Zero zero six

The events of “The Gray Man” start in an American prison. Cortland Gently (Ryan Gosling), who is in jail for some serious crime, is offered a reduced sentence. He is only required to join a secret CIA unit called the Sierra.

Of course, the hero agrees and for the next 18 years he performs especially dangerous tasks around the world under the pseudonym Six. However, on one of the operations, he learns that he was ordered the Fourth – the former operative dug up incriminating information on the head of the Sierra, so he needs to be eliminated. Realizing that he might be next, Six decides to go on the run, taking a mysterious flash drive with compromising information with him.

In “Sierra” they quickly understand what’s what, and are ordered to eliminate the Sixth. Lloyd (Chris Evans), an absolute sadist, who was once demoted to the lowest position in the CIA for a terrible character and dubious methods of work, takes over the case. He is given full carte blanche: as long as the target is eliminated, and the data flash drive is destroyed.

Chris Evans made a charismatic villain

Chris Evans made a charismatic villain

The plot of the new work does not surprise with literally anything: references to “Mission Impossible” and “Jason Bourne” are visible everywhere. What impresses is the action: fast-paced, with juicy fights and a sense of weight from each blow. If you’ve watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then you have a rough idea of ​​what to expect from the movie. Then the Russo brothers produced a really bouncy spy thriller, and now they have been given a free hand, a lot of money and complete creative control.

And that’s definitely a plus, especially when your film stars the stars of the first magnitude – Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. Unfortunately, the creators did not seem to have enough money for a normal screenwriter: absolutely all the characters speak in short phrases, exclusively conveying information to each other.

There is no zest in them – this is not how ordinary people communicate. Good dialogue in the tape can be counted on the fingers of one hand, while most of them were shown in the debut trailer. The problem is that even they are not allowed to enjoy properly. Is the hero a good joke? A second or two – and the characters are already thinking about something completely different.

At the same time, the authors are not afraid to joke about violations of personal space, sexism, and even about someone’s mother!

Ryan Gosling in his repertoire - drags the film on himself

Ryan Gosling in his repertoire – drags the film on himself

There are certain problems with the action. Yes, the fights are staged very well, and the battlefield will definitely be shown by drones from several angles, but the fights seem to lack savoring. The creators sometimes cannot stop and just give the viewer a break, enjoy the spectacle and appreciate the scale of what happened. It seems as if the Russo brothers read all the hate comments on the Internet and decided to make an action movie in which the action will be replaced by flat conversations leading back to the action.

However, The Gray Man boasts not only fights, but also a pinch of drama in the spirit of John Wick. Here Ryan Gosling comes to the rescue, who drags any scenes with his charisma. Of course, if his lines were written by an adequate screenwriter, the film would simply shine, but we have what we have.

The episode in Prague turned out to be the most driving

The episode in Prague turned out to be the most driving

Netflix has allocated about $ 200 million for the production of the picture and plans to make a whole franchise out of it. And after watching The Gray Man, you readily believe in it, given the pleasant aftertaste from the finale and the many unclosed storylines.

We may have another spy series born before our very eyes that will keep us entertained after Tom Cruise is done with Mission: Impossible. And if the creators hire a smart screenwriter to continue and let the film breathe, then we will get a solid franchise that Netflix so badly needs.

One way or another, “The Gray Man” is a solid action movie for the evening with excellent actors who will not let the viewer get bored. Of course, the film has its problems, but in the end they do not interfere with viewing in the least. Moreover, the action in the film is staged as it should.


  • Crazy action and great chases.
  • Charismatic Gosling, surprisingly nasty Chris Evans and harsh Ana de Armas.
  • The atmosphere of total distrust and a real spy thriller in one bottle.
  • A couple of good jokes.

Did not like

  • Primitive dialogues.
  • A script full of clichés.
  • The abundance of action, which does not allow the viewer to rest.
  • Indistinct editing in some scenes.

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