On July 20, Richardas Berankis and Andrei Rublev will play in the first round of the German Open. Start – no earlier than 12:00 Moscow time. Experts in their forecasts single out the favorite in the person of the Russian, the coefficient for his victory is 1.07. You can bet on the success of a Lithuanian in bookmakers for 8.70.

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Bookmaker odds for the ATP-500 match in Hamburg Richardas Berankis vs Andrey Rublev on July 20, 2022

Analysts doubt that the match of the first round of the tournament in Hamburg Richardas Berankis – Andrei Rublev will turn out to be stubborn: bets on total over 20.5 games are accepted for 2.17, and total under 20.5 games is estimated by experts at a coefficient of 1.64. Bets on the third set are accepted at bookmakers with odds of 4.20.

Analysis and prediction for the match of the 1st round ATP-500 in Hamburg Richardas Berankis – Andrey Rublev (20.07.2022)

The match of the first round of the German Open is scheduled for July 20, in which Richardas Berankis and Andrey Rublev will measure their strength. It is curious, because Alexander Bublik, who recently reached the final of the ATP-250 grass tournament in Newport, had to confront the Russian in the first round of the competition.

Maccabi - Olympiacos.  Mathieu Valbuena and Youssef El-Arabi go hunting
Maccabi – Olympiacos. Mathieu Valbuena and Youssef El-Arabi go hunting

The Kazakh tennis player decided to withdraw from the ATP-500 in Hamburg shortly before the start of the meeting with Rublev. Probably, the reason for this was the lack of game practice on clay for a long period of time. Be that as it may, now Andrei Richardas Berankis from Lithuania is in opposition.

Perhaps Berankis poses an even lesser threat to the Russian than Alexander Bublik. The fact is that the Lithuanian did not have a good season at all. The only thing the athlete can boast of is reaching the 1/4 finals of the ATP-500 category hard tournament in Dubai. True, there he lost to Denis Shapovalov with a score of 6:7, 3:6.

In no other official competition, the athlete could not even overcome the second round. But Richardas performed worst of all in clay tournaments – in the ATP-250 in Geneva and the French Open. In both cases, he was defeated already in the first round matches. He lost to Federico Delbonis in two sets and Laszlo Djere in three games, respectively.

Manchester City - America.  Successful debut of Erling Haaland
Manchester City – America. Successful debut of Erling Haaland

Beranquis also achieved inconsistent results last season on clay tournaments. At the German Open, he did not even finish the first round match with Benoit Pere to the end. With the score 6:6 in the first set, he decided to withdraw from the competition. It seems that Andrey is also waiting for an easy victory.

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The Russian has been demonstrating great tennis this season. Already won three prestigious trophies. First, he added to the collection of achievements with a victory in the ATP-250 in Marseille, then in the ATP-500 in Dubai and in the clay tournament of the ATP-250 category in Belgrade. He also made it to the 1/4 finals of Roland Garros, where he lost to the experienced Marin Cilic in a bitter struggle.

In another clay competition in the ATP-250 category, in Båstad, Rublev made his way to the semi-finals, where he was defeated by Sebastian Baez. Problems began in the first round of the tournament. It took the athlete three sets to defeat Federico Coria. The second round match with Laszlo Djere also turned out to be stubborn, but ended in two sets.

In our opinion, Andrey’s uncertain performances and the defeat one step away from the final are due to the downtime that arose due to missing Wimbledon. As we remember, the organizers of the major did not allow all Russian and Belarusian tennis players to participate. As a result, many of them, including Rublev, thought about changing their citizenship.

Rublev can be understood, because the lack of game practice and the unfair lack of the opportunity to succeed in the competition hit both the moral and physical tone of the athletes. How the situation will develop further remains unclear. But on the eve of the upcoming match, the Russian still looks like a favorite.

Inter Miami - Barcelona.  Lewandowski, Xavi and Beckham in one place.  Here is the show!
Inter Miami – Barcelona. Lewandowski, Xavi and Beckham in one place. Here is the show!

The soil can be safely called his favorite coating. On it, at the age of 24, Rublev earned five ATP titles. It seems that Richardas Berankis, who prefers hard, the Russian will overcome without any problems. A good option for a bet, in our opinion, looks like Andrey’s victory with a handicap (-5.5) in games for a coefficient of 1.84.

In the near future, Andrei will certainly return to his former condition, lost due to expulsion from Wimbledon. In addition to the tournament in Båstad, he trained on clay courts in Barcelona. Therefore, he approaches the confrontation in a good tone. Berankis, as well as Bublik, by the way, has not played on clay for more than two months. Apparently, he will lose quickly, even if he does not withdraw from the tournament ahead of schedule.

Forecast and bet on the ATP-500 match in Hamburg Richardas Berankis – Andrey Rublev July 20, 2022

Achievements at a distance, including on clay courts, portend a confident victory for Andrei Rublev. Although it was not possible to succeed in Bostad, the Russian managed to get to the semi-finals of the competition. We believe that he will be able to reach the playoffs of the German Open. The upcoming opponent has not played on clay for a long time. From last year’s draw of the tournament in Hamburg, Berankis withdrew without even finishing the first set. I think it will fail this time as well.

Bid: Andrey Rublev’s victory in games with a handicap (-5.5) for 1.84.

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