Robin Uthappa told a funny anecdote related to Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the 2007 World Cup

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Indian team player Robin Uthappa has recalled the moments of the 2007 T20 World Cup when he took part in the ball out after the tied match against Pakistan. Robin Uthappa was one of those Indian players who threw the ball into the wickets in the ball out. Uthappa has mentioned it.

Uthappa says I remember when we tied that match, then we went to dressing room and found out it was a ‘ball out’, I went straight to MS (Dhoni) and I said ‘Bhai I have to bowl and he didn’t even blink. He said yes okay, you will bowl.

Robin Uthappa also said that when I look back, I understand what kind of leader he was. He is the kind of man when you are really sure of your skills and your ability, he backs it up. He backed it in his first game as captain.

This Indian player also told that the Indian team used to hit the ball into the wickets during practice under the coaching of Venkatesh Prasad. This was practiced by the team. He also said that apart from me, Rohit Sharma and Virender Sehwag also used to put the ball in the wicket during practice. He said that I had full faith that if given an opportunity, he would hit the bull’s eye and that opportunity had already arrived.

It is worth noting that after that match was tied, Harbhajan Singh, Virender Sehwag and Robin Uthappa went to bowl for India in the ball out. All three did a great job putting the ball into the wickets. On the other hand, none of the bowlers from the Pakistani team was successful in doing so. Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul and Yasir Arafat bowled for Pakistan. All three balls did not hit the stumps.


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