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Rohit Sharma was afraid of Yuvraj Singh

Former all-rounder Yuvraj Singh of the Indian team was considered a stylish player in the team. Many cricketers said of him that he always appeared with glasses, headphones and a hat.

He was considered as ‘Cool Boy’ in Sourav Ganguly’s team. In this regard, Rohit Sharma once said that for the first time all new players were batchen to see Yuvraj. His style was completely different. Rohit had also revealed in an interview that once Yuvi had ordered him to get up from the seat in the team bus.

The story of joining Team India was first told by Rohit in a conversation with sports anchor Gaurav Kapoor. The video was uploaded 3 years ago on the YouTube channel Oaktree Sports.

Rohit had said, “When I first joined the team, I sat in the lobby for an hour before catching the bus. Standing down for an hour, seeing where the bus is, what is going to happen, where people will come from. I sat in the lobby. The bus stood near the lobby. He said that now you can come and sit in the bus. Everyone slowly started coming. Everyone sat down. I was seeing who was sitting everywhere. On one side was Sachin Tendulkar. Rahul Dravid on the other hand.”

Yuvraj continued, “After that Yuvraj Singh came. I was a big fan of his. He came out like a footballer. They were in shorts, shocks, glasses, caps and headphones. I realized from inside that this would be Yuvraj Singh. When he came in the bus, I said- Hello, Yuvi Pa I Rohit. Yuvi Pa said- Yes, okay. You know whose seat this is. I sit there, you sit on the other seat. Was a very bad experience. He received the Man of the Series in Ireland, yet did not talk to me.”

Rohit then said, “Later in the T20 World Cup, when he hit six sixes, he seemed to be in a good mood. He asked to walk on food. Asked me what you eat. Then I said that I eat everything. That’s how our conversation started. “Rohit once took a hat-trick while bowling in the IPL. At the same time, Yuvraj Singh took a hat-trick twice. Even with this, they always tease Rohit.

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