ROKiT parts ways with IndyCar team, Rich Energy leaves British Superbike team

Sponsors-rogues from Formula 1 threw two more teams. The next casualties are obvious

Dmitry Zakharchenko

They left the girl without a place and left the best team of the championship. What’s next?

Formula 1 often attracts all sorts of rogues and swindlers, and even if they are eventually kicked out of the paddock, nothing prevents them from continuing their destructive activities in other series.

This week, two companies with whom the Formula 1 teams sued immediately reminded of themselves. This is allegedly the manufacturer of alleged energy drinks Rich Energy and the alleged manufacturer of alleged phones ROKiT – both broke contracts in the middle of the season and created a lot of problems for the teams.

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Calderon without a car

Let’s start with ROKiT. This year, the company sponsored the third AJ Foyt Enterprises car, giving Tatiana Calderon the chance to make her IndyCar debut. At first, everything went well: the money came, the Colombian performed, and on the ovals she gave way to JR Hildebrand, but before the stage in Toronto, it turned out that the next tranche did not reach the team.

Calderon missed the race in Canada, but the problems could not be resolved – there are still no receipts from ROKiT, and therefore the application for the upcoming double stage in Iowa this weekend is again no car number 11 (Hildebrand was again supposed to drive on the oval ). Moreover, it is not clear whether these problems will be resolved at all or whether the 2022 season is over for Tatyana.

Calderon with Brigade No. 11 of AJ Foyt Enterprises


And this is far from the first such case in the history of the company: in much the same way, having simply evaporated in the middle of the season, this company parted ways with Williams in 2020 – and only in January 2022 in Grove they were able to sue the $ 35 million due under the contract ( but not the fact that they will see this money).

We add that the problems of ROKiT may affect a number of other races. This company, for example, remains the main sponsor of Venturi in Formula E (its driver Edoardo Mortara is fighting for the championship), and also supports West Surrey Racing in British touring and is the title partner of British Formula 4.

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William Storey gets in touch

Against the background of AJ Foyt Enterprises’ problems, a similar drama unfolded in the British Superbike – Rich Energy suddenly announced the end of cooperation with the OMG Racing team, and for the latter it came as a complete surprise. OMG remained silent for a while, but then released a somewhat confusing statement.

“Rich Energy has never sponsored OMG Racing. The sponsor was RichOMG Limited, which owns the commercial rights to distribute Rich Energy drinks. “William Storey has never been a sponsor of OMG Racing.” Rich Energy responded by saying that RichOMG does not have any rights to the products, and also emphasized that they forbid OMG Racing to use their logos …

OMG Racing drivers lead British Superbike round at Knockhill


It is still not known for certain who manages Rich Energy’s social media accounts and who exactly wrote about the termination of the contract, but OMG Racing, apparently, expects to continue to cooperate with the sponsor. True, the cooperation between Rich Energy and Haas in 2020 developed in exactly the same way: a sudden announcement of the termination of cooperation, conflicting messages from company representatives, a trial and a final break.

And, as then, William Storey, who calls himself the founder of Rich Energy, does not seem to care about what is happening at all. On the eve of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix, he wrote on his social networks that he once tested a Renault car on the Paul Ricard – and was “faster than most professional drivers.” It’s even a pity that in the off-season at Haas, Magnussen was taken to the vacant seat, and not Storey – apparently, old grievances played a role!

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