Roma – Feyenoord: Jose Mourinho will go down in history

Pyotr Kondakov

Pyotr Kondakov

Jose Mourinho will go down in history

Cheerful Dutch will not be able to outwit the Roman wolves.

May 25 in Tirana (Albania) will host the first ever final of the League of Conferences. The Italian Roma and Feyenoord from the Netherlands got to the decisive match. Italian club coach José Mourinho could go down in history as the first coach to win all three European trophies.

And bookmakers believe that he will succeed. You can bet on the victory of Roma for 2.35. The chances of Feyenoord were estimated by analysts with a coefficient of 3.00. For a draw in regular time, they offer a coefficient of 3.40.

Experts are inclined to believe that the game will be productive. You can bet on TB 2.5 goals with a coefficient of 1.79. At TM 2.5 goals, a quote of 2.03 was offered. You can bet that both teams will score for 1.68, and the reverse outcome goes for 2.20.

The funniest ending

The first ever Conference League final promises to be bright and interesting. “Roma” Jose Mourinho did not shine in the season: 2 rounds before the end of the Italian championship, the “wolves” are sixth and may even lose European cups. At the same time, the team looks good in the Conference League: Vitesse and Bodø-Glimt went not so confidently, but at the right time they were deadly cold-blooded. Well, in the semi-finals with Leicester they played according to the classics: a draw on the road, a victory at home. Tammy Abraham hit the gates of his compatriots in the debut, and then Mourinho’s defense turned on. We gave the territory to the opponent, but we played competently and reliably. As a result, a well-deserved ticket to the final.

Feyenoord, on the other hand, went to the finals cheerfully and recklessly. 5:2 and 3:1 with Partizan, 3:3 and 3:1 with Slavia. Finally, in the first semi-final match with Marseille, the Dutch won 3:2. The second leg at the Velodrome is out of trend. Feyenoord kept a goalless draw, although the French pressed very well. By the way, fans of Spartak will probably worry about the Dutch club, because Guus Thiel and Jorrit Hendrix are on loan here.

Looks like it’s worth waiting for goals here. The Dutch are pathologically unable to endure, one match is not an indicator here. Well, Roma plays for the most part from the opponent, Mourinho’s team will never refuse to prick with a counterattack. Here the bet “both teams to score” suggests itself, the odds are 1.68. You can also try TB 2.5 goals, Feyenoord is too reckless, you can bet on this outcome for 1.79.

Mourinho must go down in history

Jose Mourinho, for all his ambiguity and recent failures, is a great coach. The Champions League with Porto and Inter, the Europa League with Manchester United and then the UEFA Cup with Porto. And here’s the Conference League final. You can go down in history. Mourinho himself is laughing it off and sending a message to Carlo Ancelotti: “Let’s win the finals together!”

Well, it will be a beautiful story. And if the Ancelotti team in the Champions League final is a clear underdog, then Roma is just the favorite. The Italians have a more powerful squad, and the way of playing is much more flexible and variable. Therefore, a coefficient of 2.35 for the victory of the “wolves” is a good option. Well, if you doubt the victory in regular time, you can bet for 1.73 to win, taking into account the likely overtime and penalty shootout. Good luck bidding!

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Lokomotiv – Dynamo. Sandro Schwartz will say goodbye to the second place in the RPL


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