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Ross Taylor said ODI will not be Like T20

New Zealand won by 4 wickets thanks to Ross Taylor’s brilliant performance and he scored the 21st century of his career. New Zealand takes a 1-0 lead in the three-match ODI series.

Ross Taylor
Ross Taylor (Photo by twitter)

New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor said on Wednesday that his ODI team can deal with pressure far better than the T20 team and that is why it was able to chase a big target in the opening match of the series against India.

Ross Taylor said in the post-match press conference, “It is good to win after losing in T20 with a clean sweep.” Certainly, new players came and there was no burden of defeat on them. I think this thing must have come in his mind, after all you are human and in the end, we lost two wickets.’

He said, ‘But at the same time our last match was a World Cup final and a lot of players played under that pressure situation. They are slightly more experienced than the T20 team. That is why it appeared, but it was still a match and there is still a lot to be done in this series. But it was good to remove the burden from the head.

Iyer’s century (103 off 107 balls) and Kohli (51) -Rahul’s (88*) helped India give New Zealand a target of 348 runs.

Taylor said that the size of the ground also helped him, but the New Zealand batsmen contributed to achieving this goal successfully.

He said, ‘Playing on some of these grounds in New Zealand is a bit difficult because you don’t know which score will be challenging at any given time. Be it MCG or here, or anywhere else, you give yourself a chance. Also, if you lose two wickets in the beginning then it becomes difficult to chase the target. ‘

Taylor said, ‘I think the players contributed well in the batting order. However, the bowling attack did well as India was moving towards reaching 360-370 runs at one time. That is why we did well keeping them within the score of 350 runs. The team had to bat well to reach this score and today we did the same.’

He said, ‘I got a lot of help at the crease. Henry Nicholls and Guptill started well, Tom Latham was the fifth player and it was not easy to start that way. But the left-right combination made it easier for us to chase the target. We knew that there was a small boundary on one side and we could take advantage of it.’

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