Rostov – Khimki – 1: 0, match review, video, Komlichenko goal, RPL 3rd round, July 31, 2022

Karpin revealed the striker for the national team. Now Komlichenko will replace Dziuba?

Pavel Prokhorov

Pavel Prokhorov

The Rostov striker and midfielder Utkin have seven effective actions in three rounds for two.

Nikolai Komlichenko churns out goals one after another. After leaving Dynamo, the striker opened up in Rostov with Valery Karpin. Prior to the appointment of the latter to the Russian national team, Komlichenko scored a penalty goal against Zenit in the second game of the 2021/2022 season. While Karpin was absent from the Rostov bench, Komlichenko scored 3 + 2 according to the “goal + pass” system in 16 RPL matches, and after his return – 4 + 1 in 10 games.

The summer pre-season definitely benefited Komlichenko and his assistant Daniil Utkin. These two organized a goal in the first round against Dynamo: the forward scored with a header from a midfielder’s pass and brought Rostov one point (1:1). In the match with Lokomotiv, Komlichenko and Utkin copied the Dynamo goal, and a second goal was required for a draw – Daniil scored it after Danila Glebov’s serve (2:2).

Today Komlichenko and Utkin continued the planned rally, which again ended in a goal! In the 40th minute of the match against Khimki, the ball ended up in the goal after a midfielder’s usual serve and an equally typical striker’s header – 1:0.

None of Khimki’s five substitutions in the second half worked. The guests had chances at the gates of others, but one shot on target out of 13 is terrible. Khimki did not use the gift of Danila Prokhin, who left Rostov with ten men in the 79th minute after the second yellow card. Thus, Komlichenko’s goal and Utkin’s assist brought the southerners the first three points in the 2022/2023 season. Thanks to the victory, Rostov moved up from 12th to sixth place, while Khimki dropped to seventh. Karpin beat Sergei Yuran for the second time in a face-to-face confrontation.

How is Dziuba moving to Europe?  One option is still very relevant
How is Dziuba moving to Europe? One option is still very relevant

If the Russian national team nevertheless resumes training and games in the near future, Karpin can replace Artyom Dzyuba with his teammate in the national team. While the former Zenit striker is looking for a new club, the scorer of the southerners scores in every match. At the same time, the replacement looks equivalent – both forwards play on the cutting edge, perform well “on the second floor”, have an athletic physique and take most of the balls with their backs under pressure, making discounts for partners. If Komlichenko continues in the same vein, it will be even more difficult for Dziuba to return to the national team.

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