He brought up the stars of Spartak and Dynamo, but there is no license. 7 facts about the new Sochi coach

Dmitry Zimin

Dmitry Zimin

7 facts about the new Sochi coach Garanin

Two years ago, Vadim Garanin worked in the second league.

Sochi announced the appointment of Vadim Garanin as head coach. He is 51 years old, and this name hardly says anything to a mass audience. But his task is not an easy one – to keep everything that Vladimir Fedotov has worked out, and at the same time it is desirable not to fall much in the results. He has no experience at the RPL level. At the same time, as they said, he was on the short list of many clubs, including Dynamo Moscow.

A new cool coach is growing in Russia.  Soon he will surely break into the RPL
A new cool coach is growing in Russia. Soon he will surely break into the RPL

Below are the main facts about Vadim Garanin.

one. As a player, he appeared in Burevestnik, Mashinostroitel and Sportacademclub – it took four years in total. Then he worked in small Moscow schools, and only in 2012 did he get into a large one. The coach was called to Dynamo, the club that Garanin had been rooting for since childhood.

2. Vadim is associated with one of the brightest club pupils – Konstantin Tyukavin. He led him for several years and gave the guy a lot.

3. Another student of Garanin is the current Spartak player Alexander Khlusevich. He crossed paths with him at the Tula Arsenal, where the coach was invited to work with the youth team. Interestingly, for some time he was part of the headquarters of the main team, but then returned to take fourth place in the league in the second season. And then – to get an offer, first to the Russian youth team (U15), and then to professional football.

four. The first team at the pro level is Tver. He came there in 2020 and in a year and a half, by all accounts, made it the brightest in the second division. Several players from Tula played in the team, so it was easier for Vadim. From the very first match, the team fought for promotion to FNL-1, although the budget and infrastructure would not allow it anyway.

5. Six months ago, Garanin was called to the Yenisei. Since the appointment – eight wins in the first nine matches, and for the whole spring – three defeats. Plus, the defeat of Lokomotiv and Rubin in the Cup. Not too bad for a beginner. By the way, the experience of a coach in professional clubs is only 1 year and 11 months.

6. Garanin does not have his own Wikipedia page.

7. And there is not even a PRO license to work as the main one. Now he is getting it. Because of this, Enisey ran into a fine of 500 thousand rubles, when the coach once publicly stated that “he changed the player.” Garanin has an A license to work as a senior or assistant. So, probably, Sochi will formally have a different head coach, and it will be Garanin who will steer the process. Lokomotiv is currently working according to a similar scheme, because Marvin Compper also does not have the required category.

Vadim Garanin

Vadim Garanin

new head coach of Sochi

“He served on the sea border – near Arkhangelsk. Spent two years. At first it was very difficult – you rebuild, you are malnourished, you do not get enough sleep … I thought – what a fool I am, why didn’t I go to college? And then I got used to it. In the second year it seemed that all the time there was this life. As if from childhood on the border, my relatives are here. A serious school of life, although it was there that I realized that I can’t live without football.”

And most importantly, there are no powerful agents or influential people behind Garanin’s back. Everyone knows that he made himself himself – an honest job. Therefore, it is even more interesting to see what he can do in Sochi.

This week on the “Championship” there was a big interview with Vadim Garanin. It can be read in full here.


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