The second round of the RPL turned out to be much more scandalous than the first. And again because of the refereeing. Krasnodar has already posted a sarcastic video greeting to Spartak (with a selection of errors by the chief referee of the match), Loko players were indignant at the work of the referee in the match with Rostov, and the president of Ural after the game with Orenburg said that the match broke removal. And these are only the most noticeable mistakes of the arbitrators! Together with referee Igor Fedotov, we analyzed the work of referees in all matches.

Fedotov’s word:

-0.5 points from 8.4 are deducted for incorrect assignment or non-appointment of a 11-meter kick, showing a red or not showing a straight red (to a player or members of the coaching staff), showing or not showing a second yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff).

-0.1 points from 8.4 are deducted for incorrectly showing or not showing a yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff), as well as for missing three to five violations.

The score in brackets is the score of the referee who made one key mistake in the match, but performed well without this mistake

“Zenith” – “Wings of the Soviets” – 3: 0

Chistyakov worked the match well, but there are two nuances – in the 26th minute it was necessary to show a yellow card to Gorshkov, and in the 90th – to Sokolov. As for the penalties against the guests, there are no questions about them, that’s right.

Grade 8.2

“Zenith” – “Wings of the Soviets” – 3: 0


CSKA – Sochi – 3:0

Moskalev did not show a yellow card to Zainutdinov for rough play in the 10th minute.

Score 8.3

“Orenburg” – “Ural” – 3: 0

Bobrovsky had to limit himself to a yellow card, the Ural player did not deserve to be sent off – this is not a deprivation of a clear opportunity to score a goal. When the Orenburg player threw the ball, he did not move towards the goal. If he had been shot down when he was moving there, then the red would have been understandable, otherwise it was just a disruption of a promising attack. As for VAR, they will not interfere in such episodes this season.

On the 76th player of the hosts, he simulated in the penalty area of ​​Ural, after which a goal was scored literally with the next blow. Bobrovsky was in a good position, he should have called a free one and showed a card for a simulation. This is an incorrectly counted goal, a goal error.

Which of the young flashed in the second round of the RPL.  In the top Moscow and - suddenly - Orenburg
Which of the young flashed in the second round of the RPL. In the top Moscow and – suddenly – Orenburg

I can repeat what I have already said before – it is too early to launch Bobrovsky in the RPL. In the FNL, he has only about 20 matches. But apparently someone is behind him. The St. Petersburg bosses are clearly trying to excuse their own – before that they supported Kazartsev after the Lokomotiv match, promoted Bobrovsky … We will see a lot of such stories.

Score 7.3

Krasnodar – Spartak – 1:4

At the 30th minute, Sobolev had to show a yellow card for using his hands in the fight for a riding ball. He hit the opponent with his elbow, it should have been the second yellow card. As for Zobnin’s goal, Martins jumped up on the 35th, put his hand to the side and played the ball with it. After that, a goal was immediately scored. Kukulyak was supposed to call Levnikov to watch the replay, to evaluate the episode. And then the right decision would be to cancel the goal scored and assign a free kick in favor of the hosts.

Chernikov was also removed incorrectly. We focus on the ESC, who said that Shelia did not beat, but pushed Sobolev in the first round. Here Chernikov did not beat, but pushed Moses with his foot in the thigh, and then simply stroked the opponent’s hand. This is not a red card. The referee had to leave Spartak ten without Sobolev, but in the end he “killed” Krasnodar.

“Spartak” Abascal smashed the opponent. But Krasnodar has two reasons for anger

As for the 11-meter goal against Spartak, why did Denisov raise his hand? Put your foot, your head, but don’t raise your hand! Yes, there was a rebound, and then the ball hit the hand, which was in an unnatural position. The correct decision is to assign a penalty kick without showing a yellow card. Sobolev’s goal at 90+ was canceled correctly, and Levnikov also had to show Cordoba a yellow card in the 23rd minute for stepping on Selikhov’s ankle.

Score 6.3

Krasnodar put the ESC in an awkward position – Levnikov’s dad is on the committee and will not take part, just like Gvardis, the match inspector. They will now arrange a circus to excuse Levnikov, they will go from the opposite: they will say that the 11-meter penalty was correctly appointed, and then they will choose – either they recognize Chernikov’s removal as wrong and cancel the red card, or recognize Martins’ hand. As for Sobolev’s elbow, it will also have to be recognized.

Removal of Sergey Chernikov

Removal of Sergey Chernikov


Khimki – Pari Nizhny Novgorod – 3:0

The main episode is an incorrectly counted goal in the 80th minute against the guests. Mirzov was behind the offside line, there will be many more such errors, since the line on VAR does not work. This is an obvious offside, you have to look at the goalkeeper. But Lyubimov’s assistant flew off somewhere, VAR overslept for some reason – and we got an error. But this is not the fault of Lyubimov, but of those who did not help him.

Grade 8.4

Dynamo – Torpedo – 4:0

At first, many thought that there would be a scandal, but in the end they were convinced that Bezborodov correctly appointed the first penalty against the guests. There was contact between Baburin’s knee and Smolov’s ankle, Bezborodov did well for seeing him – for this I added 0.1 points to him. As for the foul of the second penalty kick, it was a negligent foul, the correct decision was to appoint a penalty kick.

Grade 8.5

Dynamo declassified Torpedo.  It's already scary for the Borodyuk team
Dynamo declassified Torpedo. It’s already scary for the Borodyuk team

Lokomotiv – Rostov – 2: 2

In the 30th minute after Isidor’s fall in Rostov’s penalty area, Sukhoi continued the game. But then the brilliant Zhabchenko intervened. This is just a diagnosis. For some reason, he got into this episode, although at the training camp they explained to the judges that VAR should not interfere in such episodes with light touches.

The Rostov player did nothing, he just put his foot on the lawn, and Isidor saw the gaiter and fell down. And to make the fall look even more beautiful, he kicked back. At best, it was necessary to just continue the game, but in fact – to show the card to Isidore for the simulation. If the guest player really hit the opponent’s leg, then it would go to the left in the picture, and not back. Yes, and Isidore began to fall in advance.

Lokomotiv - Rostov - 2: 2

Lokomotiv – Rostov – 2: 2

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Then Sukhoi generally swam, for some reason removed Beka-Bek. He just fought with Mironov, they were pushing – at such moments the main one talks to the players, and does not listen to someone and invents red cards. On the spot, Loko would have filed an appeal with the ESC and would have canceled the red card.

Score 7.5.

“Akhmat” – “Torch” – 2: 1

At the 18th minute, Berisha tried to deceive the referee – he jumped beautifully without contact. Amelin continued the match, but it was necessary to show a card for simulation.

Score 8.3


It was the worst tour of the year, I don’t remember such horror from the judges. Khachaturyants left, and the system just broke down. Kamantsev is broken in half – he needs a person who will not let the remnants of the system be destroyed. Instead of a foreign car, we got a domestic Lada, only without airbags and brakes. And this car is flying straight into the abyss. So it will only get worse.

Referee Grade
Vladislav Bezborodov 8.5
Artyom Lyubimov 8.4
Vladimir Moskalev 8.3
Alexey Amelin 8.3
Artyom Chistyakov 8.2
Alexey Sukhoi 7.5
Jan Bobrovsky 7.3
Kirill Levnikov 6.3

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