One of the main talents of Russian football, Sergei Pinyaev, was hospitalized after training with Krylia Sovetov. According to Sport Express, during a lesson, the 17-year-old winger got grass in his lung. Pinyaev fell on the lawn, he became ill. There was information that Sergei was paralyzed in one arm and he was taken to intensive care.

Russian Pinyaev is in the top 15 most expensive players in the world under the age of 17.  Who else is there?
Russian Pinyaev is in the top 15 most expensive players in the world under the age of 17. Who else is there?

The “Championship” became aware of the details of Pinyaev’s hospitalization – everything is not as bad as it was originally reported. After a fall in training, the player felt pain and weakness. He was taken to the hospital and x-rayed. Sergei was diagnosed with pneumothorax, and the reports that Pinyaev was admitted to the intensive care unit are not true. Later, the doctor of Wings of the Soviets also reported that there was nothing wrong with the football player.

Curie Chachaev

Curie Chachaev

Head of the medical service “Wings of the Soviets”

“Sergei is in good condition. He is not in any intensive care unit, as they say. In good condition today. Tomorrow there will be a consultation of doctors, where everything will be decided. There is nothing terrible. He was in the hospital for an examination, tomorrow there will be a decision.”

The club called the incident “malaise”: “On Tuesday, Sergey Pinyaev felt unwell during training. Now the player is under examination. The information that Pinyaev was taken from training to the intensive care unit, as well as problems with his hand, is not true. The situation is under the control of the medical staff.”

What is known about Pinyaev’s diagnosis and when will he be able to return?

The former doctor of Lokomotiv, Nikita Karlitsky, told the Championship about the diagnosis and possible timing of Pinyaev’s recovery:

– Pneumothorax can appear in two cases. The first was a strong blow to the ribs, after which the lung was damaged by fragments of the rib. This also happens very rarely in football, “but anything can happen” – this is the rule of a sports doctor – usually when falling on the field, a fracture of the ribs without displacement, like a crack. Rib fractures are not specially treated, we focus only on pain, we train according to an individual program for some time – and in a team (this is called active recovery). Treatment begins when more than 5-6 ribs are broken (without displacement). The second option is also rare, but, in my opinion, the most realistic situation. This is due to some pathology of the lungs, hostile or acquired, but obviously of a small size, which could not be detected during standard examinations that athletes undergo every 6 months. Although the examinations are as detailed and detailed as possible. In general, before the official version, we can speculate. The case is really very unusual and we have little information.

As for the recovery time, it is difficult to say here, because everything depends on the pathology. Perhaps the pathology can close itself, perhaps an operation is needed. I think that this is not a few weeks, but months and more. It all depends on the final diagnosis.

Sergey Pinyaev

Sergey Pinyaev

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

Have there been other cases like this in football?

Pinyaev is not the first football player of the Russian club who was diagnosed with pneumothorax. Five years ago, Tosno doctor Yaroslav Bugaev told in an interview for the Championship about a similar story that happened to the team’s striker Ante Vukushich:

– Vukushich complained of back pain, – said Bugaev, “the symptoms were similar to intercostal neuralgia – when the nerve coming out of the spinal cord and running along the intercostal space is pinched. This gives a pain syndrome – it hurts to inhale when compressing the chest, when feeling. The player has not done any examinations on this matter for many years, so we decided to conduct an additional study – an MRI of the spine …

– What happened next?
– During the treatment, the player was getting better, but not completely: he still felt discomfort, plus low functional performance. They were not like an athlete, but like an ordinary person who had never played sports! They did a CT scan of the lungs. It clearly shows that there is air between the lung and the pleura. This disease is called pneumothorax.

Ante Vukusic (right)

Ante Vukusic (right)


– How was the treatment?
– They took me to a thoracic surgeon in a Moscow clinic. They put a drain there to straighten the lung. For five days he lay with drainage – the lung either straightened out, then subsided again. In a simple case, the lung would have expanded and overgrown, but Vukushich has a long-standing and neglected process: if it is overgrown in one place, it can break in another. They decided to operate and removed the upper part of the lung, where the air came from. All three years, the pneumothorax periodically resolved on its own. The lack of sports results is also connected with this. After the operation, Vukusic will be able to play football at a professional level.

Vukusic was a candidate for the Croatian national team, for which he played one match in 2012. The striker never played for Tosno, but he really continued his career. He played in Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia and even Italy (for the Messina club from Serie C), and in the summer of 2022 he moved to the Serbian Kolubara. So with Sergey Pinyaev, we hope everything will be fine.

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