Moving to Russia broke his career. Legionnaire “Spartak” is not needed either in Moscow or at home

Anatoly Romanov

Anatoly Romanov

Hendrix could return early from loan

They want to get rid of Hendrix again.

Spartak midfielder Jorrit Hendrix may return to the Moscow club ahead of schedule from loan. In January 2022, the red and white gave the Dutchman to Feyenoord until the summer of next year, however, according to the website, the head coach of the team from Rotterdam, Arne Sloth, told the 27-year-old player that he did not count on him in the upcoming season. Hendrix was not included in the pre-season camp. According to the source, Jorrit does not want to leave Feyenoord. However, the club intends to terminate the lease agreement.

The RPL has really become a Russian league.  Two teams played without foreigners at all
The RPL has really become a Russian league. Two teams played without foreigners at all

Arriving at Feyenoord during last season, Hendrix helped the red-and-whites from Rotterdam reach the final of the new European Cup – the Conference League. However, Yorrit himself almost did not appear at the base, but, as a rule, came on as a substitute. In the final against Roma (0:1), he generally remained on the bench until the end. In total, he played 14 matches for Feyenoord, but only two of them started from the first minutes. Scored one goal against Wallwijk in the Eredivisia and provided an assist in the return quarter-final of the Champions League against Slavia Prague. In general, the status of a midfielder in the Slot team was about the same as in Spartak.

Moving to Russia seemed to ruin Hendrix’s career. In his native PSV, where Jorrit started as a nine-year-old boy in the academy and played until January 2021, he was valued more. The midfielder has made 239 appearances, including a dozen in the Champions League. For Spartak, signing the Dutchman for just €500,000 six months before the end of his contract with the club from Eindhoven could be a successful deal on the transfer market. However, it turned out that by investing in the transfer of Hendrix (and putting him on a salary of € 1.2 million a year), the red-white leadership simply threw away the money.

Yorrit Hendrix

Yorrit Hendrix

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Jorrit was about to leave PSV, but had other options besides moving to Spartak: the Dutchman had offers from middle-class clubs in Spain, Italy, Germany, as well as from MLS. At least that’s what the player’s agent and former sports director of Spartak Dmitry Popov, who brought Hendrix to Moscow, claimed. Maybe the midfielder should have stayed in Europe or gone to America. Obviously, the financial factor outweighed all the others for Yorrit.

Hendrix, he said, needed to adapt to the RPL. Our championship, according to the midfielder, is stronger than the Dutch, and stylistically different: with an emphasis on “physics”, wrestling, long passes. In the Eredivisie, Jorrit is used to passing more.

After moving to Feyenoord, Hendrix said: he does not think that in Spartak he “really had a chance to show himself.” Although he admitted that he does not regret moving to Russia. It is hardly possible to agree with the Dutch about the lack of chances. During the year, the midfielder took part in 22 matches, he was released five times in the base. Just Yorrit did not pull. He did not show the qualities for which he was signed.

The words of the ex-player of Spartak Evgeny Lovchev sounded like a sentence to Hendrix:

“Now there are a lot of foreigners who don’t even understand what Spartak was and is in our country, why it is called the people’s team, why it has the most fans. Moreover, some come, earn money, and after a few years they are gone. I would like the sincere fans of Spartak to be more pleased today. If we are talking only about a football club, then we need players of a different level. When they buy Koffrie and Hendrix, it’s an insult to Spartak.

Two Spartak players stopped a step away from the European Cup.  But Karpin's favorite took the trophy!
Two Spartak players stopped a step away from the European Cup. But Karpin’s favorite took the trophy!

Hendrix refused to leave Spartak and turned down loan offers. Now, as they say in the Netherlands, the midfielder does not want to return to Russia. His agents are negotiating with the less status Dutch club Twente and with the Belgian Antwerp. For Yorrit, this will no doubt be a step backwards as a player. Since the autumn of 2018, Hendrix’s market value has decreased, according to Transfermarkt, from €10 million to €1.8 million, and yet he is only 27 – the peak of his career as a football player.

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