Who will CSKA buy this summer and when to expect transfers

Andrey Pankov

Andrey Pankov

Who will CSKA buy this summer

There will be at least three transitions.

CSKA in the first match under the leadership of Vladimir Fedotov showed a very cool game and confidently dealt with the Urals. But this victory does not negate the need for strengthening. Fedotov himself spoke about this in a recent long interview with the Championship.

“Ejuke couldn’t even look me in the eyes.” First big interview with Fedotov at CSKA

So what about CSKA transfers? Below are the answers to the main questions.

CSKA has already agreed to sign a defensive midfielder, but may acquire another one

CSKA tried to sign at least someone for a very long time. Negotiations were held, for example, for Cyprien from Parma. Just in case, even Yuri Gazinsky passed a medical examination. This option for the position of the defensive midfielder was approved by Vladimir Fedotov, if none of the foreigners can be signed.

But the foreign opornik will still reach CSKA. The club has agreed to buy Chilean midfielder Victor Mendes from Union Espanyol for €2.5 million. According to our information, Mendes has already flown to Moscow to agree on the final terms of the contract. In the near future, he must sign an agreement for a total period of four years. Fedotov strongly insisted on signing Victor.

Victor Mendez

Victor Mendez

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With this transfer, CSKA closes the position of the defensive midfielder, but can sign another player to the center of the field if a good option turns up.

CSKA is close to signing two foreign players.  What kind of Brazilian and Chilean do they want to take?
CSKA is close to signing two foreign players. What kind of Brazilian and Chilean do they want to take?

The left-back is about to move to CSKA, but it is much more important to acquire a central

The next transfer of CSKA should be the Brazilian left-back of Internacional Moises. The club has been negotiating the signing of this player for a long time, they should be crowned with success very soon. According to our information, the player has already left the location of the Brazilian team to go for a medical once the deal is finalized. At the same time, according to our sources, Moises was not opposed to staying at home, but the deal with CSKA is beneficial for the Brazilian club, so he has no options to refuse the transfer.



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The signing of the left-back looks a little strange, because so far Oblyakov has shown himself very well in the lateral position, although the club needs the depth of the squad. But CSKA is now much more important to sign a central defender. Work on this is underway at the club, management expects to sign several players at once.

According to our sources, options from Serie A, Ligue 1 and several other championships are being considered. For example, a month ago, CSKA made a request for Rijeka defender Darko Velkovski, but later it was decided to refuse this option. But the central defenders in CSKA will be for sure.

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