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Rubel Hossain protested on social media about mask prices

Covid-19: The increasing effects of coronaviruses have made the lives of people around the world worse. The government of many countries has requested people to take necessary precautions to stay safe from dangerous viruses.

Rubel Hossain
Rubel Hossain

Governments have asked citizens to use sanitizers and masks. This can prevent this dangerous virus. However, it has been reported from many places that the black marketing of these two things has also increased.

Shopkeepers are charging more than the fixed price. Bangladesh bowler Rubel Hussain has voiced against it.

Rubel said on social media, “In a country like China, mask prices have been reduced. 5 taka (currency of Bangladesh) masks are being sold in Bangladesh for 50 taka. We are greedy and cruel nation-states. Through whose efforts we have got this freedom. It is bad to remember those brave children of the country. Because today we are not the same, why? The price of the mask and grocery market is increasing. Shame on those greedy businessmen who are creating a crisis on their own, they are actually the viruses of the country.”

Due to the coronavirus, all international cricket tournaments have been postponed.

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