The Euroleague suspended Russian basketball players from the competition. The organization also annulled their achievements in previous matches.

Foreign sports communities continue to impose sanctions against Russian athletes after the aggravation of the political situation in the world. So, the clubs “Zenith”, CSKA and UNICS were suspended from the competition by the decision of the Euroleague. In addition, previous team results have been annulled. This was reported by the channel “Match TV” with reference to the decision of the organization.

Participation of clubs in tournaments is suspended until the end of the season. In winter, the Russians managed to keep the fifth line among the teams thanks to 14 wins in 23 matches.

The restrictions come into force after Russia launches a special operation to demilitarize Ukraine. The main goal of the military is the disarmament of the Kiev regime. The Russian Defense Ministry presented documents confirming that Kyiv was preparing for a military action against the Donbass.


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