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Russian Football Championship: Dynamo – Torpedo, RPL 2nd round – the story of Alexander Borodyuk in Dynamo, a player’s career

In the second round of the RPL, the first Moscow derby of the new season will take place – Dynamo – Torpedo. Now this confrontation does not have such a bright poster as in the days of the USSR, when both teams fought for the championship gold. Or when the current head coach of the black and white Alexander Borodyuk played for the blue and white. But at least for Borodyuk himself, the match at the Lev Yashin Stadium will be special. In the history of Dynamo, the former striker is far from the last figure.

History in photographs. Alexander Borodyuk

Alexander was born in Voronezh and started at Fakel. For the first time, Borodyuk put on a uniform with the letter “D” on his chest in 1980, when it was time to serve in the army – a 17-year-old football player was sent to Dynamo from Vologda. A couple of years later, he was transferred to the capital’s Dynamo for “military service in the hero city of Moscow.”

The legendary Dynamo player Vladimir Kesarev told in an interview how Borodyuk appeared in Vologda and how he got to Moscow:

“I worked in Vologda, at the tournament I liked the striker from Voronezh. He sent an assistant to his house to meet his mother. Dad didn’t live with them. They brought this 17-year-old to Dynamo Vologda, and he scores in every game! True, only with the right foot. Left as a stranger. I took away his right boot, left it in the sock. So I trained. He tightened his left foot so much that since then he has scored more with this foot.

Sasha Borodyuk played for me for two years – and Golodets comes to Vologda. He starts mournfully: “I’m coming to you, Petrovich, for Sasha …” Please, don’t touch the guy in the middle of the season. In the autumn I will bring it to Moscow and give it back. Adamas looks at me: “You don’t see anything, Petrovich. For Borodyuk from five teams go, pursue him. You take a closer look, crowd … ”After that, the head of the criminal investigation department posted watchmen in the hostel where the team lived. And security was assigned to Sasha – female policemen. One is like a janitor in an apron, the second is a cleaning lady from the stairs. The third is someone else. And everything calmed down. And soon Golodets took him to Moscow.

By the way, it was Kesarev who gave Alexander the nickname – Beard.

“Somehow in the morning I got up rumpled like that – he “appreciated”: “In Beard gives!” I was unshaven then, and here is also a suitable surname, ”recalled the striker.

However, in the capital’s Dynamo, Borodyuk did not open up right away. At first, he played little, did not score and was thinking about returning to his native Voronezh. One of the turning points of the striker’s Dynamo career was the 1984 USSR Cup final with Zenit. Leningraders were considered favorites: Zenit was third in the championship at that moment, and Dynamo was at the bottom. Nevertheless, the trophy went to the capital’s blue and white. Muscovites beat the future champion in extra time with a score of 2:0, largely thanks to the 21-year-old Borodyuk. First, Alexander, having beaten an opponent on the left flank, made an assist to Valery Gazzaev, and in the 116th minute he scored the second goal from Gazzaev’s pass. This is how Borodyuk described his goal in the final:

“Valery picked up full speed. A feint, another feint – and the defenders are behind. On the opposite flank, I rushed to the gate. Gazzaev looked at me – and I remembered how in training we practiced volley strikes. Transfer came out great – the ball lay right on the leg. I put all my strength into the punch.”

Video of the USSR Cup final between Dynamo and Zenit

It was after the final of the USSR Cup that Borodyuk became a real resident of the capital. Head coach Alexander Sevidov helped him resolve the issue with the apartment. Alexander said: “Then I simply had nowhere to live, I went to him: so, they say, and so. And the banquet had already begun … San Sanych immediately found himself: “I’ll come in an hour, wait …” And imagine, an hour later he brought me a warrant for a one-room apartment!

Karpin extended the Dynamo black streak. Jokanovic barely took his legs in his debut match in Russia

Borodyuk became the top scorer of the USSR championship after Eduard Malofeev, who headed Dynamo in 1985, and his assistant Golodets decided to finally make Alexander the forward forward. In the 1986 season, Borodyuk became the best sniper in the major leagues, scoring 21 goals. His goals helped Dynamo win medals (silver) for the first time in 10 years.

True, the 1987 season turned out to be much less successful for Borodyuk. Alexander scored only seven goals, after which the leaders of Dynamo threatened him with … being sent to the army. The jolt worked. A year later, Borodyuk again became the best sniper in the major leagues, more precisely, he shared first place with Yevgeny Shakhov from Dnipro. Both put down 16 balls. Not possessing any particularly striking qualities, the attacker of the white-blues stood out for his ability to open up and fulfill the moment.

Then Borodyuk, as a Dynamo player, had a trip to the “golden” Olympics in 1988. Then the national team of the USSR and the capital’s blue and white was headed by the same coach – Anatoly Byshovets. Protectionism? No matter how! It was said that Byshovets did not really want to see Alexander in the team, but he scored so much before the Olympics that the coach eventually included the striker in the application for the tournament. True, at the Games themselves in South Korea, Borodyuk took part only in the first meeting with the hosts. He hit the base, did not prove himself in 45 minutes and was replaced at half-time. In the remaining matches, Byshovets released Alexander only once and only for half an hour.

Alexander Borodyuk – winner of the 1988 Olympics

Photo: from the personal archive of Alexander Borodyuk

Under Byshovets, the two-time top scorer of the USSR championship left Dynamo. The coach wanted to bet on other strikers, and Schalke representatives came to Borodyuk at the right time. Alexander was sold to Germany, and he became the first Soviet football player in the Bundesliga.

“I retired from the authorities, already being a senior lieutenant,” recalled Borodyuk. – Kitel? Was once. Then I gave it to real warriors, to those who actually served in the barracks. We had such a tradition. After all, the whole thing was more formally issued to us. So they helped the guys – with tunics, boots … They only left the “parade” for themselves. We had to put it on a couple of times in front of the big bosses. And everything was strict there – a collar, badges, a shirt.

Having played for almost eight years in Germany, Borodyuk wanted to return to Dynamo, which had become his native. But it’s not destiny. Alexander contacted Golodets and Nikolai Tolstykh, but the coach, who had once chased the striker to Voronezh, invited him to come for a tryout. Borodyuk was offended – after all, he did not play in Guinea-Bissau, but in the top league in order to agree to such conditions. I talked with Yuri Semin, and he took Alexander to Lokomotiv without watching.

“I answer him:“ Come here, deputy … ”Frank interview with the president of Torpedo”

In 2012, the return of Borodyuk to Dynamo nevertheless took place. He was appointed sports director of the club. Unfortunately, in the new position, the ex-striker’s romance with the club turned out to be short: after four months he left. According to rumors, due to disagreements with the then head coach of the blue and white Dan Petrescu. Although Alexander himself denied the conflict.

Borodyuk admitted: “What does the name Dynamo mean to me? The club that put me on my feet and gave me a start in life. “Dynamo” I will be grateful to the grave of my life.

The text uses quotes from interviews for Sport Express, Komsomolskaya Pravda and Moskovsky Komsomolets.

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