Russian Football Championship – First League, FNL, review of matches of the 4th, video, goals, Slutsky and Rubin fail

The next round of the First League (ex-FNL), which returned to the historical name, turned out to be cool. It had everything that the Russian fan loves (and hates) so much. And then there were the fans, who were so obviously missed by some clubs in the Premier League. What is it, the First League without a Fan ID? We collected everything that you could miss on the weekend due to the RPL and the start of the season in England and Germany, which are of little interest to anyone.

Scar from Panchenko’s spikes and Tula’s first defeat

The Tula Arsenal could catch up with the sensational KAMAZ on points and organize dual power in the table, but lost for the first time in the season. It happened in Kaliningrad visiting the ambitious Baltika Ignashevich. At the start of the second half, the Tula players remained in the minority after Kirill Panchenko was sent off for playing spikes in the thigh of Eduard Valiakhmetov.

And in the 75th minute, Vladislav Lazarev from the serve (just Valiakhmetova) scored the winning goal for the hosts – 1:0. Kononov’s “Arsenal” could have lost big at all – before the final whistle, the Kaliningraders hit the woodwork twice more.

Fairytale derby of Tatarstan: Slutsky again without a victory

Nizhnekamsk “Neftekhimik” and Kazan “Rubin” fully justified the status of the match of the tour. The Tatarstan derby turned out to be hot: already in the 2nd minute, Lisakovich scratched out a rebound on the far approaches, approached the goal and hit the far corner. And in the debut of the second half, Roman Denisov simply scored the chicdos of the tour with a kick through himself.

The rights to the video belong to National Sports Channel LLC. You can watch the video in the telegram channel of the First League.

It is noteworthy that here, too, the guests were in the minority after a violation similar to the one in Kaliningrad – experienced Oleg Ivanov massaged Merabi Uridia’s knee with spikes. But this did not prevent Rubin from taking the lead again after 10 minutes: Fameye entered the penalty area through an elegant wall with Zotov and gave a juicy shot into the far upper corner.

Joel Fameye


But that’s not all the heat! At the 76th minute, the score is equalized by the man who “played Roman Shirokov” – Pavel Kotov. He comes from Dedovsk, a graduate of CSKA. A few years ago, Pavel himself admitted at an event for children from orphanages with the participation of Roman that he imitated Shirokov as a child. And Kotov scored in a typical way: he crept into the penalty area from his left flank, waited for the rebound after a serve from the right and the ball was removed by the defender from the second floor into an empty area, after which he tumbled into the far corner in touch. But Rubin could still snatch three points, if Lisakovich did not check the strength of the bar in the end.

For Rubin, this is the third loss of points in a row – after the defeat by Enisey and a draw with Ufa.

Who to expect in a year in the RPL? Challengers are getting stronger than ever!

KAMAZ remained the leader, but lost points for the first time

In the meantime, another club from Tatarstan, Chelny KAMAZ, continues to hold a place at the head of the First League table. The team, which remained in the FNL only because of the disbandment of Spartak-2, started with three victories in a row, but for the first time in the reporting round it did not score the maximum – it shared points with the “two”, as they call it in Krasnodar (1: 1).

KAMAZ continues to haul 31-year-old Alexander Gagloev, who returned in the summer after a short trip to Khabarovsk. He gave the fourth assist and cemented the status of the best assistant in the league. By the way, appreciate how the hosts cover the exits from the gate through the pass and dribbling of Gagloev – FC Krasnodar just rolled out high-quality shooting from the top of the stadium.

The rights to the video belong to the RFU.

Dagestan raisins and Gruznov psychos

Anji no longer plays in Moscow with Liverpool, and Guus Hiddink is not at all on the Anji Arena coaching bench in Kaspiysk. But there the Serb Goran Aleksich is at the head of the local Dynamo, and the rivals are Vadim Evseev’s Shinnik! Makhachkala won at home with a score of 2:1. Please note, the first two goals scored by the team after entering from behind the sideline. And the decisive goal of Chingiz Agabalaev with a rebound was the highlight of the match. Like the emotions of Ilya Gruznov, they are also part of football.

The rights to the video belong to the RFU.

Cannon tour from Gashchenkov

But Barcelona is not visiting Kazan yet. Yes, we visited Tatarstan for the third time, but now we had to – it is there, at the Tsentralny stadium that saw Messi, that SKA-Khabarovsk plays its matches, while the lawn is being laid in Khabarovsk. The team of Roman Sharonov, after three defeats in a row and a place in the basement of the table, finally won. And How! The Khabarovsk team beat Akron with a dry draw (3:0), and Mikhail Gashchenkov scored the goal of the tour.

The rights to the video belong to National Sports Channel LLC. You can watch the video in the telegram channel of the First League.

Penalty festival in Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk “Volga” at home gave itself problems with the “Kuban”, and at the same time a penalty festival. The game of the hosts in defense fully claimed success in the section “Failure of the tour”. The Krasnodar team of Robert Evdokimov scored twice from a point in the first half (Abdokov even performed with a pause), and in the second, comfortably leading 3:0, they scored enough on a 11-meter goal and into their own net.

Ignashevich was nailed with masterpieces, and Gazizov was spoiled for the holiday. What’s in the “best league in the world”?

Tour Analytics

Ufa played newcomer Alexander Masalov, but neither this nor high-quality legionnaires saved Shamil Gazizov’s club from the second defeat of the season. If in the starting round the Ufa lost on the road to Kuban, now they did it at home with Alania (1:3). The outcome of the meeting predetermined the double of the central defender. Its author Alan Bagaev immediately after the final whistle gave the best analytical analysis of the tour.

The rights to the video belong to National Sports Channel LLC. You can watch the video in the telegram channel of the First League.

Alan Spartakovich seems to be no weaker than Spartak Gogniev in terms of analytics. And Alania, along with Yenisei, now has 8 points and breathes in the back of KAMAZ.

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