The possible first summer transfer of Spartak became known. And the first reaction to it is surprise. The newcomer of the red-and-whites, apparently, will be the ex-defender of Lokomotiv, Maciej Rybus.

Polish journalist Sebastian Staszewski said that on Friday, June 10, Rybus will undergo a medical examination for Spartak. If it does not reveal any problems, Maciej will sign a contract with the red-whites. Sources of the “Championship” confirmed this information. In the Moscow club itself, they also did not refute their interest in the former railway player, however, they called him only “one of the potential newcomers” of the team.

Spartak bought the legionnaire, Loko took two already.  Accomplished RPL transfers
Spartak bought the legionnaire, Loko took two already. Accomplished RPL transfers

“Rybus is indeed included in the list of potential newcomers to Spartak this summer, but at the moment this is just one of our options,” the Championship was told in the press service of the Russian Cup holders.

Lokomotiv did not renew the contract with Rybus, and this was understandable. Now the club is betting on the development of young players, and the Pole will turn 33 in August. Last season, Matsey played 26 matches in the RPL, the Europa League and the Russian Cup (based on 24), made three assists and earned eight yellow cards.

Today, saying goodbye to the railway workers, Rybus made a statement that was published on the club’s telegram channel:

“I want to say a huge thank you to the fans, teammates, coaching staff and club staff for the five years spent together and working together. Over the years we have become champions, won the Cup twice, won the Super Bowl, and I am very grateful to everyone with whom we were able to achieve this. I treat Lokomotiv and the club’s fans with great warmth, but it’s time to move on. Thank you for your support, see you again!”

Moving on means going to Spartak. By the way, Interia Sport wrote that the offer of the red-and-whites is the only specific one that Maciej received as a free agent.

Spartak takes a football player whose services Lokomotiv refused. And this is exactly what surprises. Yes, Rybus is a player with a confirmed, high enough level for the RPL. He is versatile, can cover the positions of both left back and midfielder. But, admit it, you did not expect that the red-whites would sign newcomers from the 32+ category. Especially legionnaires. Especially the Poles.

You can guess how much pressure will be put on the player of the Polish national team at home after his choice in favor of Russia. Nevertheless, Maciej, obviously, proceeded not only from financial motivation. He is married to a Russian woman – Lana Baimatova, his children were born here. Rybus has too much to do with Russia for him to leave our country so easily.

By the way, the topic of his attitude towards Russia was discussed back in the spring, when the Pole posted a post in his social networks in support of the boycott of the match with our national team, and then quickly deleted it.

Rybus family

Rybus family

Photo: From the personal archive of Maciej Rybus

Spartak needed to urgently close the position of the left back/lateral. After the forced parting with Ayrton, the red-whites had only one left-footed player of this role – Leon Klassen. However, head coach Paolo Vanoli almost did not use the winter rookie, and on this flank, as a rule, Victor Moses moved from right to left.

If we compare the statistics of Rybus and Ayrton from InStat in the completed RPL season, then there is not much difference between them. The Pole was less involved in the game, but at the same time he allowed a little less marriage: 74 TTAs with 80% success (on average over 90 minutes) versus 81 TTAs with 78% success for the Brazilian. Loko with the participation of Rybus created 0.38 chances, Spartak with the participation of Ayrton – 0.70. The Pole had 5.5 rebounds, five steals and 2.2 tackles, while the Brazilian had 5.8 rebounds, 3.2 steals and 2.5 tackles. Matsey won 61% of single combats and allowed 5.1 ball losses, while the ex-Spartak player had 58% of single combats won and seven losses. Unless Ayrton went to the stroke much more actively than Rybus (4.7 vs. 0.98).

Rybus said that his words about Rangnik and Loko were translated incorrectly.  We checked
Rybus said that his words about Rangnik and Loko were translated incorrectly. We checked

Matsei has been in Russia for 10 years, with the exception of one season when he left for Lyon. At first, Rybus played for Akhmat, then for Lokomotiv, and now he has to help Spartak. For the red-whites, this is a solution to the problem for a season or two, but not a transfer for the purpose of development.

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