Two resignations in the RPL in one day! Why are Khimki kicking Juran out for the second time?

Anatoly Romanov

Anatoly Romanov

Why are Khimki kicking Juran out for the second time?

The main replacement candidate is already known.

Two weeks ago, Sergei Yuran was surprised, recalling his unexpected dismissal from Khimki in the summer of 2020:

“I just didn’t understand how it was possible to do this to me – like a dog was thrown into the trash. For what? There would be a reason – no questions. But when such things happen… For the fact that we played in the Cup final and reached the RPL? I was so angry about this situation that I just could not be silent. After two years, I still did not understand why I was fired then ”(Sport24).

The Super Joker has appeared in the RPL.  3+1 after four substitutions!
The Super Joker has appeared in the RPL. 3+1 after four substitutions!

Two years ago, Yuran blamed the leadership of… Spartak for his resignation. He hinted at the special relationship between the management of Khimki and the Moscow club. He claimed that the decision was pushed through by the then general director of the red and white Shamil Gazizov.

And here it is again, great. Yuran, according to our information, has already been fired from Khimki. And this is despite the fact that in the first four rounds of the RPL, the team suffered only one defeat and takes seventh place. Last season, the 53-year-old coach saved Khimki from relegation to the First League, and this season he managed to draw with the Russian champion Zenit. Now Khimki has as many points as Krasnodar, and more than, for example, the ambitious Lokomotiv. Therefore, it is clear that in these circumstances, the reasons for breaking the contract with Juran could only be non-football.

“There are questions for the player and the doctor.” Muddy conflict between Mirzov, Yuran and the son of the Khimki investor

According to journalist Sergey Ilyev, Khimki investor Tufan Sadygov dismissed the coach because Yuran did not put his son Ilya in the squad for the 4th round match with Rostov. This season, the striker took part in only one game with Pari NN, coming on as a substitute in the end. In Rostov, Sadygov Jr. remained on the bench until the final whistle. According to our sources, Yuran has already been informed about the dismissal.

Another story is connected with the name of Sadygov: in April of this year, “Championship” reported on the conflict between Yuran and a group of Khimki players before the match with CSKA due to the possible appearance of Sadygov at the base. As a result, only Reziuan Mirzov did not get into the application for the game, and Sadygov really appeared in the starting lineup for the first time this season. Moreover, he scored against Igor Akinfeev. Then Ilya entered the field twice more, hit the gates of the Wings of the Soviets, Mirzov himself also returned to the squad.

By the way, this season, another one has flared up around Yuran, connected with his relationship with the players. After the coach refused the services of Lawrence Nicholas (the Nigerian went to Fatih Karagyumryuk to Andrea Pirlo), the midfielder’s agent Dmitry Selyuk accused Yuran of taking money from the players for a place in the squad.

According to Roman Teryushkov, a member of the Khimki Supervisory Board, the club discussed this topic with the players, but no one confirmed the information.

Dmitry Selyuk

Dmitry Selyuk


“It’s a pity that Lawrence left the team because of Juran. If it had been removed a little earlier, Lawrence would not have left for Turkey. We do not need the Turkish coast, as the song says. Lawrence would love to play in Khimki.

Under the leadership of Yuran, Khimki played 16 matches in the RPL, in which they scored an average of 1.56 points per game (seven wins, four draws and five losses). This is the result of a strong middle peasant. In the spring, CSKA and Spartak were beaten.

After Yuran left, Khimki, according to our information, will be headed by Nikolai Pisarev, Valery Karpin’s assistant in the Russian national team. A contract has already been agreed with the 53-year-old specialist. Pisarev previously coached the Russian youth team (brought it to Euro 2013, where the team took last place in the group with Spain, the Netherlands and Germany), Nizhny Novgorod Olimpiets and Krasnodar Harvest, but did not work at the RPL level on its own.

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