“Spartak” in the Cup of Russia could only get into the group to “Zenith”. How did it happen?

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Russian Football Cup - 2022/2023.  Groups

The tournament now has a complex format. It’s time to remember who will play with whom.

Fonbet has filled the info field with the Cup of Russia! First, two blogging teams – Amkal and 2DROTS – sensationally outperformed their rivals, and now we know the line-ups of the groups where the RPL clubs automatically got. It’s time to understand the regulations and understand what will happen next.

What are the groups? “Spartak” got to “Zenith” automatically

For starters, the composition of the four groups, which included all 16 teams in the Premier League. Here they are:

Group A: Krasnodar, Lokomotiv, Pari Nizhny Novgorod, Khimki.

Group B: “Zenith”, “Wings of the Soviets”, “Spartak”, “Torch”.

Group C: Dynamo, Akhmat, Rostov, Orenburg.

Group D: Sochi, CSKA, Ural, Torpedo.

The hottest group is visible to the naked eye: Spartak against Zenit is always cool. But this group is also interesting because of the nuances of the draw itself. The fact is that when the turn came to the third basket, where Spartak was, the presenters announced: the red-whites immediately go to group B.

Spartak - Zenit

Spartak – Zenit

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

The explanation is as follows: in one group there could not be more than two teams from Moscow and the Moscow region and more than one team from regions where flight restrictions were introduced. Accordingly, the only group where Spartak could get was the one where Zenit settled.

How many matches will there be? And where are the teams from the lower leagues?

According to the new format, the Cup of Russia, in fact, is divided into two parts. The RPL teams will arrange their own “Champions League”: within the groups, each will play two matches with each – at home and away. Here we are waiting for six rounds. The teams that take first and second places in their groups will go to the playoffs of the RPL Path, the third – to the playoffs of the Path of Regions. The group stage starts on August 30-31.

In the Path of Regions, teams from the lower leagues are already playing with might and main. They will play six rounds in one elimination match. AT

But the most interesting will begin in the spring, when the playoffs start. RPL teams that lose in their part of the bracket will not be relegated, but will go to the playoffs of the Path of Regions. Finally, the two winners of the two playoffs will meet in the final match. How do you like this format?

Media football in the Cup of Russia is complete madness!  2DROTS fired even better than Amkal
Media football in the Cup of Russia is complete madness! 2DROTS fired even better than Amkal

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