What did Samsonov do? Russian Goalie Misses Possibly the Most Ridiculous Goal of the NHL Season

Egor Bulchuk

Samsonov missed the most ridiculous goal of the season?

Ilya significantly lowered his personal quotes before the start of the playoffs, allowing the opponent to score from the fifth point.

Washington has long secured a place in the NHL playoffs, but recently its hopes for a second Stanley Cup have begun to dwindle at a double rate. In the Capitals, the personnel issue suddenly escalated: Alexander Ovechkin was injured, the consequences of which are not yet clear; and today it turned out that the “Capital” have problems with the goalkeeper.

Ilya Samsonov in a match against the Islanders repelled 22 of 26 shots and outright lost the goalkeeper duel to compatriot Ilya Sorokin. True, the main disappointment for the Magnitogorsk pupil was not at all the four missed goals, but the quality of his own game.

Throughout the meeting, it was difficult to get rid of the feeling that Samsonov was far from ideal conditions. For the first time, Ilya missed in the ninth minute of the starting period. Palmieri’s solo break through the Capitals zone turned out to be an assist. After consulting, the judges canceled the goal: Dmitry Orlov brought Zach Parise to the goalkeeper’s square, where the 37-year-old American had an impact on Samsonov’s stick.

Something else looked suspicious: the violation by Parise was not indisputable, but, releasing the club from his hands, Samsonov did not even try to continue the fight – he remained on his feet as if rooted to the spot, and then began to actively appeal to the referees.

Two minutes later, the account was still opened: the Capitals confused Sorokin with a combination of a powerful click from the blue line and a timely substitution.

But then “Washington” only missed. At the end of the segment, the Islanders carried out a dizzying positional attack, and Samsonov, having repelled two shots, could get out of it as a hero. But the third one turned out to be unbreakable: Pulok charged from the blue one, and Ilya, covered by two players, could not do anything about it.

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In the second period, Samsonov looked great: twice the Capitals allowed opponents to make two-on-one exits and twice the goalkeeper dealt with threats.

And in the third 20-minute everything broke down. In the debut of the segment, “Washington” remained in the minority. The Islanders again bet on long shots, and it worked. Dobson made perhaps the most successful miss of his career: a puck he fired from the blue line went at least a meter from the net and hit Trevor van Riemsdyk, and from him into the net.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can watch the video on the official website of the NHL.

Samsonov looked reproachfully at his partner, but soon he himself became the anti-hero of the episode, which he would probably remember for a long time to come. At the equator of the period, the Russian relaxed went to the board to stop the puck for Dmitry Orlov. Rolling after defender Casey Sizikas caught up with him and joined the fight. Sisikas went down, but gained control of the puck and managed to shoot while sitting on the ice on the fifth point! The puck hit the post, and Samsonov did everything else on his own. Trying to return to the goal, the goalkeeper began to fuss: he turned around his axis, first on skates, and then on his knees. The puck flew off the bar into the edge of Samsonov’s trap, after which it crossed the line – 3:1.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can watch the video on the official website of the NHL.

It is quite possible that the Russian goaltender of the Washington Capitals missed the most ridiculous and strange goal of the entire NHL season.

The author of the fourth puck was Anders Lee. The striker scored a direct throw. To all appearances, Samsonov was prevented from reacting to him by Washington player Martin Fegervara, who remained in the path of the puck. While the Islanders were celebrating their success, the goaltender gave Fegervar a disapproving look.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can watch the video on the official website of the NHL.

Samsonov’s curious mistake in terms of tournament did not become fatal for Washington – the Capitals retained their previous positions and can still bypass Pittsburgh. At the same time, the Russian goalkeeper significantly reduced his chances of active participation in the playoffs. It’s not a fact that after such an oversight the coaches of the “Capital” will be able to trust him.


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