Russian hockey player dies at the age of 21 after a spinal injury

Washer - 1920, 11/10/2021

MOSCOW, Nov 10 – Former player of the Lipetsk National Youth Hockey League (NMHL) club Andrei Boltov died after a spinal injury, according to the club’s page on the social network in VKontakte.
Boltov passed away on Tuesday at the age of 21.
“It is with deep regret to announce that Andrei Boltov has passed away. For several months Andrei fought steadily with his spinal injury, but did not defeat it. We express our condolences to all relatives, friends and those who knew Andrei. We thank everyone who supported him. him and did not stand aside. May the earth rest in peace to you, Andrei. We grieve, “the message says.

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