The famous Russian coach left for Europe. But in a very unexpected place!

Anatoly Romanov

Anatoly Romanov

Russian Legionnaires in Europe:

Cheryshev took the Europa League with Emery, and now he will work in a record-breaking club.

Famous Russian coach Dmitry Cheryshev will continue his career in an unexpected place. The 53-year-old specialist headed Santa Coloma from Andorra. According to Match TV, hockey agent Dan Milstein, who represents the interests of Russian NHL players, became the owner of this club. By the way, according to the source, Milstein is also creating the Gold Star football team in Detroit. From 2023, it will play in the third-highest football league in North America.

Cherchesov is one step away from relegation from the Champions League.  The Russians outwitted the former coach of “Saturn”
Cherchesov is one step away from relegation from the Champions League. The Russians outwitted the former coach of “Saturn”

Santa Coloma is the most titled club in Andorra. A team from a village with a population of just over 3,000 people has won the national championship 13 times. True, the last title was taken back in 2019. After that, Inter from Escaldes-Engordany won gold three times in a row. “Santa Coloma” took only fifth place last season, for the first time since 1997 without hitting the top three.

Santa Coloma has a group of Andorran national team players – midfielders Marc Pujol (he is 39 years old), Luis Blanco and Christian Martinez. The club’s most expensive players are centre-back Robert Ramos and Portuguese right-back Rui Beja. Transfermarkt estimates them at € 150 thousand. Santa Coloma also has another foreigner, Chilean striker Jaime Grondona, in the application. He became the top scorer of the last championship. The rest of the players are from Spain.

Andorra has its own “El Clasico”: “Santa Coloma” against “Saint Julia”. In addition, Cheryshev is waiting for a derby. Unio Esportiva Santa Coloma also plays in the league: in the championship ended, the neighbors finished higher – in second position.

The level of the championship of Andorra, to put it mildly, is low. He is 53rd in the UEFA rankings. Below only Montenegro and San Marino. The national team of Andorra is on the 152nd place in the FIFA ranking. Of the European teams, it is ahead of only Malta, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar and San Marino.

Last season, Santa Coloma played in the Conference League and even went through one round. Andorrans rolled out on the sum of two matches “Mons Calpe” from Gibraltar with a total score of 5:1. After that, they got under the Scottish “Hibernian” – they lost 1:2 at home and 0:3 away. Meanwhile, in the history of “Santa Coloma” there were other victories in European competition. In the Champions League qualification, Andorrans have passed in different years the Armenian “Banants” (thanks to the winning goal of the goalkeeper in the last minute of the second leg!) and “Tre Penne” from San Marino.

Cheryshev has not worked as a head coach since October 2019, when he left Nizhny Novgorod. His team tried to get into the RPL, but lost in the joints. In addition, in the coaching career of Cheryshev there were the youth team of Real Madrid, Volga, the youth team of Zenit, Irtysh and Mordovia. In the 2015/2016 season, the Russian specialist assisted Unai Emery in Sevilla and became the winner of the Europa League.

Dmitry Cheryshev

Dmitry Cheryshev

Photo: From the personal archive of Dmitry Cheryshev

In September last year, Cheryshev agreed to work at Eskilstuna, which at that moment was fighting for survival. Arriving in Sweden, Dmitry said that he “wants to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, like in Andersen’s fairy tale.” However, as Aftonbladet wrote, the Russian worked as the head coach of this team for only … three hours. Cheryshev held only one training session, which was delayed due to the need to connect an interpreter. After that, Dmitry realized that he was unlikely to succeed in Eskilstuna.

“Cheryshev wanted to make a lot of changes and after training he felt that he would do more harm than good. What he meant was that he didn’t have time for these changes and it would be better if the players continued to work in the previous cycle, especially since there are only 10 matches left. – said club president Alex Rysholm.

“Spartak”, “Torpedo” or native Nizhny? Scenarios for the future of Denis Cheryshev

Cheryshev Sr. found himself a new team in Andorra, but there is still no news about the career of Cheryshev Jr. Denis remains without a club after leaving Valencia. Dmitry admitted that his son wants to play in Russia, but, apparently, it was not possible to agree with anyone in the RPL. However, there is still enough time before the closing of the summer transfer window in our league (September 8). It is obvious that Cheryshev Jr. will not yet consider proposals from clubs of the Santa Coloma level.

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