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Alexander Emelianenko - 1920, 08/06/2022


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MOSCOW, 6 Aug – Russian mixed-style fighter Vyacheslav Datsik, after defeating compatriot Jeff Monson, told reporters that his boxing match against Alexander Emelianenko would be different from the last performance.
The boxing fight with Emelianenko Jr. will take place in September.
“Not the first deputy – I hope not the last. Jeff is a good respected fighter, I have no aggression towards him. Is Emelianenko a respected person? Everything will be different with him.
“We fought merrily, I remembered my signature Datsik-weights, flips! I showed him all the power of nuclear fists. But why kill a respected person? I like him, goes to the anthem of the Soviet Union. in wrestling) is not mine,” Datsik added.
The fighter also noted that in the event of a good offer to his managers, he would accept a fight with eminent boxer Dmitry Kudryashov: “He did not sign a contract for two fights.”


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