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With such rivals, Russia could be the first! Hands in “our” group of the League of Nations

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

For Karpin’s team, this would be a great chance to finally break through to the best.

The draw of the main tournament of the League of Nations is rapidly rushing to completion. In many groups, the fate of the first and last places has already been determined. This partly applies to group 2 in League B. What is it notable for? The Russian team was supposed to play in it. So what’s going on there?

Is someone seriously waiting for Karpin to leave the Russian team? Relax, it won’t

The first place confidently took Israel. The team has no losses.

I must say, the group of the Russian team would not be the most formidable: Israel, Iceland and Albania. The first place was confidently taken by the Israelis. And here is the real magic: Israel drew twice with the Icelanders, and defeated the Albanians twice. What’s unusual here? It’s all about the account. Both matches with Iceland ended with a score of 2:2, both matches with Albania – with a score of 2:1. Total: eight points in four games, the difference between goals scored and goals conceded is 8:6.

By the way, the Israeli team in this draw of the League of Nations turned out to have two top scorers at once. Midfielder Manor Solomon and striker Sean Weissman scored two goals each. Moreover, the first fit in one match and shipped a double to Albania.

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The fate of the second place hung. Everything will be decided in the last match in the group

The Israeli national team played all four matches, so that only one meeting remained in group 2: on Tuesday, September 27, Albania will host Iceland. In this match, the fate of the second place will be decided, because at the moment the teams are separated by two points. The Icelanders are higher, so the Albanians will only be satisfied with a victory, since they will play in their own field.

In fact, the standings of Albania and Iceland determined their results with Israel. With each other, these teams played a draw (1:1). Only while the Icelanders went unbeaten (three draws in three matches), the Albanians lost twice and scored only one point.

Playing the Icelandic team


It would also be interesting to look at the Russian team in this group because of the history of our team’s performance in the League of Nations. In the first draw of the tournament (2018/2019), the national team caught Sweden and Turkey. Bottom line: the Swedes went to League A, and the Turks took the last place. After that there was a season in which Russia played in a group with Hungary, Serbia and Turkey. And again, no increase in the class for our team – the first place was with the Hungarians.

It seems that in such a group as this season, Valery Karpin’s team could finally break through to the best – to League A. What do you think?

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