Salzburg – Liverpool forecast for the match July 27, 2022, what time, where to watch online for free, live broadcast

Salzburg – Liverpool. Not 5:0 over Tedesco, but fun too

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In the last game with the Merseysiders, Leipzig got a big blow. Another Red Bull representative is on the way.

On July 27, a friendly match between Red Bull Salzburg and Liverpool will take place. The game starts at 21:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts give preference to the guests: you can bet on the victory of Liverpool in bookmakers with odds of 1.60. The success of Salzburg was rated by experts at 4.50. Bets on a draw are accepted for 4.30.

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Odds bookmakers for a friendly match Red Bull Salzburg – Liverpool on July 27, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the Salzburg-Liverpool match will be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 1.45, and the total under 2.5 goals goes for 2.65. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.38. Away goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.07. You can bet on both teams to score for 1.53.

Red Bull Salzburg – Liverpool: forecast and analysis of a friendly match (27.07.2022)

On July 27, a friendly football match between Matthias Jaisle’s Salzburg and Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool is scheduled on the international arena. The match will take place at the Red Bull Arena in Austria, starting at 21:00 Moscow time. The Austrian champion will measure his strength with one of the strongest teams on the planet, it will be interesting.

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Salzburg once again became the champion of Austria last season, earning 55 points in 22 meetings of the regular season with a very good statistics of goals scored and missed 50-13. The playoffs also went great, allowing them to break away from their closest pursuers by a whole car of points. Sturm from Graz, for example, is in second place, 15 points behind. As you can see, the gap is significant. Salzburg’s level of play has clearly reached another level.

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In the offseason, the team also performed well. Won three out of six meetings. And quite recently, a new season began in the Austrian championship, where the “bulls” managed to hold one meeting with “Austria” – won 3:0. The signing of 23-year-old attacking midfielder Fernando Pedro from Shakhtar has paid off. In the first match of the new Austrian championship, he scored a goal.

Liverpool, on the other hand, finished second in the Premier League last season, trailing Manchester City by just one point in the race. It’s a shame. Although no less insulting is the defeat in the Champions League final from Real Madrid (0:1). The struggle on several fronts played a cruel joke. Now, in the off-season, the team feels good, although the beginning was blurry.

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At first, the Reds lost to Manchester United (0:4), but then they dealt with Crystal Palace (2:0). Modestly, in class. Further, they did not stint on goals with the German representative of Red Bull – Leipzig (5: 0). It is worth noting the Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez, who moved from Benfica. Already in the second match for the new club, he put four balls into the opponent’s goal.

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It seems that Jurgen Klopp appreciated this signing. The Uruguayan player left high ground for future meetings, so we expect a new performance from him. However, the opponents are a difficult club from Austria. The history of face-to-face meetings has only three games, opponents do not favor each other with frequent visits. The Reds won twice, and once there was a draw (2:2).

It is worth noting the good form of the “bulls” now, the team’s season has just begun, the club is clearly in good shape, there is no fatigue yet. So for Jurgen Klopp, the task will not be easy. In addition, on the side of the hosts their own field and the support of the stands, this is a significant factor. For one ball, Salzburg will definitely be able to play enough. In terms of composition, there are no problems in this regard, there is someone to score.

However, red also has something to surprise the owners. It seems that the bet “both teams to score” in such a match will not be superfluous. The coefficient, however, is small – 1.53. However, we would instead consider the total over 2.5 goals and add to this the victory of Liverpool. In aggregate, the coefficient comes out 2.03. Very good considering the level of team training and statistics.

Firstly, in terms of class, the Reds are the favorites of the meeting. The last matches are proof of that. Secondly, Jurgen Klopp’s wards played out. It seems that they will not be stingy with goals even now. It is worth waiting for response from the hosts, because they are fresher, have already started the new season. And yet, the Merseysiders look preferable.

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Although the opponents are in good shape in terms of play, this game does not play a special role for the hosts. Already on July 30 they have a match with Sturm in the Austrian championship, so they are unlikely to waste energy. However, no one forbids trying new schemes and young players. That’s why these matches exist. Yes, and to show himself in front of the giant from the Premier League also does not hurt.

Forecast and bets for the friendly match “Red Bull Salzburg” – “Liverpool” July 27, 2022

Salzburg had an excellent season last season and have already won the first match in the new Austrian championship. Liverpool is just getting ready, but the last matches are encouraging, the team is getting in shape. In this confrontation, the Reds are the favorites in terms of strength and experience. And in face-to-face meetings, the advantage is also on their side. In terms of tone, the hosts are in no way inferior, so they will surely answer. We are waiting for goals and the victory of Jurgen Klopp’s wards.

Bid: Liverpool win + total over 2.5 goals for 2.03.

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