“That’s awesome!” Dana White respects ASA founder

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Scandal at the ACA 141 tournament

So Mairbek Khasiev didn’t joke that his league is the second in the world?

The sixth season of the Dana White Challenger Series kicked off last night, with fighters battling it out for a UFC contract. But the most interesting thing happened outside the octagon. The head of the UFC gave another sparkling press conference, where they could not do without mentioning the scandalous stoppage of the fight between Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov at the ACA 141 tournament. One of the journalists told Dana about this incident. Below is the dialogue from the press conference.

“Last weekend the ASA promoter walked into the cage and stopped the fight because it was boring and…
“Stop, stop, stop… What happened?” (grabs face and laughs). Who did it?

— The ASA promoter entered the cage.
“Ise, what did you say?

– ASA.
– ASA! Yeah, okay.

“He came in in the middle of the fight and stopped because the fight was boring. Disqualified both fighters.
– This is fucking awesome! Props to this guy. Unbelievable and highly unprofessional, but at the same time just fucking awesome! Was it really such a boring fight? (laughs).

– I think yes.
It gave me some ideas for next Tuesday. There are days when I want to throw a chair in a cage, but you have to put up with it. Or get up and go to your office. Although it would be worth doing what this guy from the ACA did.

There is a possibility that the UFC boss will adopt the technique of Mairbek Sulumbekovich and disrupt some fight not only during the qualifying tournament for his league, but also during some numbered tournament. Just imagine how he will break into the cage and disqualify Rose Namajunas or Israel Adesanya for disrespecting the audience.

If we see how Dana White uses the technique of the Russian colleague, then we can recognize that the ASA is indeed the second league in the world, at least in terms of progressiveness. Nevertheless, it is a pity that the journalist did not have time to fully reveal the context of the duel between Bagov and Magomedov, without adding that the fighters not only had a boring fight, but did not really beat. Perhaps Dana would add something. But the fact that they talk about Russian promotion across the ocean, and even in such tones, is worth a lot. Mairbek Sulumbekovich, without knowing it, earned a lot of points even from foreign colleagues.

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