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MOSCOW, 27 Jul – Former National Hockey League (NHL) Ottawa and Detroit forward Bobby Ryan was arrested on Monday at Nashville International Airport (USA, Tennessee) in a state of extreme intoxication, Scoop Nashville reports.
It is reported that Ryan did not pay at the checkout at the airport store, then went to a bar, where he was caught by the police. It is noted that the hockey player refused to obey law enforcement officers, could hardly stand on his feet, could not name the date and determine where he was.
The store refused to file a police report, but Ryan was jailed for eight hours for being drunk in a public place.
In 2020, Ryan was awarded the NHL Bill Masterton Trophy for his perseverance and success in the fight against alcoholism. The player was taking extended leave to participate in a program to help players fight this disease.
Ryan is 35 years old, played 866 games in the regular championships of the NHL, in which he scored 569 (261 + 308) points. He played his last match in the 2020/21 season for Detroit. Forward in the US team won the silver medal of the 2010 Olympics.


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