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Security Arrangements of Tokyo Olympics Game 2020

Tokyo Olympics game 2020: This year the Olympic Games 2020 is going to held in Japan (Tokyo). Japan is providing many types of protection against the Olympic Games.

Tokyo Olympics game 2020: Among them, the most important is to protect them from drone strikes. Tokyo has become even more aggressive with the recent drone strikes.

A 6-foot robot has created to help visitors to Japan. This robot’s name is ERISA. In addition to providing train information at the train stations, Arisa will also help guide the route.

The Olympic Games are expected to take place in Tokyo, the Japanese capital, from July 24 to August 9 this year.

The possibility of many attacks on the Olympic Games is increasing in Tokyo.

They are providing many types of protection against playing this game. Their preparation is taking many steps. Terrorists have a bad vision at the Olympic Games.

Some days ago, Japan’s National Intelligence Agency also issued a warning about terrorist attacks. But now the Japanese police are going to use special technology to counter this national drone strike.

To prevent drone attacks, Japanese police will install detection systems around each playground.

According to a report published in Japan’s Nikkei newspaper – “Police will use tools that capture signals. It can detect the drone of terrorists. The instrument will also tell where and how high the drone is flying”.

“Police will use drones to catch them. Police drones will throw traps on the drones of the terrorists, making them ineffective. This will cause the drone flying to lose contact with the person operating it”.

The news also says that with “this special technology, flying drones can detect hundreds of kilometers away”.

The Olympic Games are being held in Japan 56 years later. Japan has made special preparations for this and also built new stadium.

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