Sergey Shubenkov is the coolest athlete in Russia right now: he not only won the Russian championship, but also attracted spectators

“I’m training in vain, or what?” Why Shubenkov is the coolest Russian athlete right now

Angelina Nikolaeva

Angelina Nikolaeva

Shubenkov is the coolest athlete in Russia

There are very few people like Sergei in Russian sports.

All the stars of Russian athletics gathered at the Russian Championship in Cheboksary. Among them is one of the country’s most titled athletes, Sergei Shubenkov, who on the first day of the competition quite expectedly and easily won gold in the 110 m hurdles.

But something else is also important: Sergey is one of the few Russian athletes who maintains a positive attitude even in such a difficult situation in which our sport now finds itself. Shubenkov joked before and after the start, experimented with hair and generally attracted fans in every possible way.

Together with the results, this makes him the coolest athlete we have right now. The more such open and professional people will be in our sport, the easier it will be to attract spectators to it.

“It has become more difficult with sports equipment”

After the first qualifying run, Shubenkov immediately gathered a crowd of fans around him who wanted to take a picture with the athlete. And it seemed that Sergey exchanged a couple of phrases with almost everyone who was photographed with him. He also managed to joke: “What? I heard you were asking for spikes. Spikes are in short supply now,” Shubenkov said smiling when one of the young viewers asked to take a photo with him.

By the way, Sergey later noted that “in every joke there is only a fraction of a joke,” and added that “now it has become more difficult with equipment than it was before.”

“Well, her, your Moscow, it’s good in Cheboksary”

After the final race, Shubenkov continued to cheer up the journalists in the mixed zone and shared his emotions from the performance in Chuvashia:

“I think that today I ran four with a minus, it could have been better. I’m not used to three laps. As for Cheboksary, the coach is a witness – at the warm-up stadium where I run, there are barriers, there are pads, there are six lanes. This is not your Moscow, where you warm up on the field, there are no barriers, because there are only 80 of them, 10 per track, if it breaks down, there is nowhere to take a spare. Well, her, your Moscow, it’s good in Cheboksary. Amazing atmosphere, amazing spectators, love athletics in Cheboksary. Once again, I will be happy to come back here to run faster, ”said Sergey.

Sergey Shubenkov

Sergey Shubenkov

Photo: RIA Novosti

“I’m training in vain, or what?”

The athlete admitted that he hopes to improve the result at the next start:

“It is clear that the season is a bit of a passing season, such is our cabal, but I want to show beautiful seconds, I would exchange 13.20. I’m training hard, right? There will be another chance. In the meantime, you have one more try – you have not lost.

By the way, Sergei surprised everyone with a new hairstyle – he went to the start with a neatly braided dragon pigtail.

“I was braided by my teammate Victoria Pogrebnyak, who took fourth place in the 100 m s/b. Thank her very much.”

It is such emotional, bright and open athletes like Shubenkov that attract spectators to the stands and decorate any championship. He not only shows the result, but also charges everyone around with his energy.

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