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Sex scandals in Canadian hockey: what happened, who is accused, the reaction of the NHL


Canadian hockey is drowning in sex scandals. Maybe it’s time to “cancel” it?

Egor Torishny

They themselves have a stigma in the cannon to the very top, and they still teach us morality.

In Canadian hockey, a huge abscess opened up, which began a domino effect. Before even one sex scandal related to the youth team of 2018 had died down, others followed it in a chain. And this, obviously, is only the beginning, and the scale of the whole story will be colossal.

Sponsors are taking money out of Canadian hockey. All because of a call from one woman

On the eve it became known about another possible case of sexual violence involving the players of the youth team of Canada, which occurred during the MFM-2003. Police in Halifax, which hosted the MFM that year, launched an investigation into the incident. TSN reports that there was a videotape showing group sex. According to three anonymous witnesses, the video began with an interview with one of the players, where he says that now there will be a “chick roast”. After that, the tape showed a naked girl in a pass-out, with whom about six players of the national team are having sex.

One of the sources who saw the tape said that the players borrowed a video camera from him during the MFM-2003, and when they returned it, it had a recording of the incident. However, later, under pressure from the players, he deleted the record and did not go to the police. “I didn’t want to get into trouble. And I knew that they would get into trouble, ”said the source.

“This is another terrible story. Clearly, there is a culture of silence and downplaying sexual violence in the sport. The Ice Hockey Federation of Canada will need to do a lot to regain the trust of Canadians,” said Minister of Sports of Canada Pascal Saint-Onge.

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The NHL reacted to the information about the case of sexual violence at the MFM-2003

The scandal has just begun to unfold. Recently it became known that the Ice Hockey Federation of Canada has a special reserve fund to settle such allegations quietly, without public investigations or the involvement of insurance companies.

Moreover, such accusations are received regularly, on average, one or two complaints per year. This was announced by the executive director of the federation during recent parliamentary hearings. The money in the fund comes from investment income, as well as annual fees paid by all registered hockey players, starting from a very young age. In 2016, the fund had more than $15 million in its accounts. Apparently, it was from this fund that the payment was made under the settlement agreement with the girl who was abused in 2018. This settlement agreement marked the beginning of the scandal, and no one knows how many more have been paid off.

“We need to hear from the Ice Hockey Federation of Canada how many complaints they have received in the past years and how many silent payments they have made. We need the federation to disclose this information either voluntarily or under duress,” said MP John Neiter.

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out on the subject. “The Ice Hockey Federation of Canada needs to show transparency, responsibility and understanding of the situation it is facing. It is necessary to give a real assessment of the organization and its deliberate blindness. Other organizations that have experienced this have overcome it and made the right decisions. Unlike the Ice Hockey Federation of Canada,” Trudeau said.
Police in London have already announced that they are reopening a criminal investigation into the 2018 incident. And we will probably hear about new cases soon – this is a very high-profile case that affects the whole country.

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In Canada, cases of violence in hockey have been talked about for a long time. For example, two-time Stanley Cup winner Daniel Carcillo spoke of terrible hazing in junior hockey after his retirement, and two years ago he and several other hockey players filed a class-action lawsuit against the CHL over violence and sexual harassment. The trial is not over yet, but the testimony of the players mentions cases even forty years ago. Cases so brutal that they make your hair stand on end.

“Newbies get peed on in the shower.” Hazing in Canadian hockey

That is, the problem is long-standing, and no one was even going to deal with it globally until they were driven to the wall. It was convenient for everyone to keep silent, sweep all the accusations under the mat and, in which case, pay off, while maintaining the reputation of the infallible leader of world hockey. And this is the same country that so passionately advocated the abolition of Russia in hockey, which so fiercely condemned everything that is basically connected with Russia. It turns out interesting – they themselves have a stigma in the cannon, but this does not prevent them from teaching us morality and high spirituality. So maybe not Russian hockey should be canceled, but Canadian?


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