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Shane Warne auctioned off his favorite property

Australia’s terrifying fires have thrown light around the world. Many popular stars have come forward, including many popular tennis and cricket players in the country. They all raised their hands of help.

Tennis and cricket players from across the country have come forward to help the victims of the blaze that has raged for almost a month.

One of them is Shane Warne. He has auctioned his valuable assets to raise money. He is auctioning off his valuable assets to raise money. He auctioned off his beloved national team ‘baggy green’ hat.

Already the auction has raised the cap up to 500 thousand dollars (Rs 5.7 million)! The auction, which starts on Monday, will continue till January 10.

The auction is part of a fundraising campaign called ‘Bushfire Appeal’. Many people are interested in buying this hat (baggy green).

He has played 145 Tests in this hat, and this former leg-spinner has taken 708 wickets.

Shane Warne in a tweet, thanking those who finally bought the hat, Wow! Absolutely blown away. Thank you so much.

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