“She broke furniture, tore his voice”: Shcherbakova’s father shared his emotions from his daughter’s victory

The father of the newly-minted Olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova spoke about the emotions that he experienced while watching his daughter’s performance. That this time he experienced more, a man raising three daughters, admitted in a special issue of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

“The heart was probably beating faster than usual, than usual in other competitions. I probably broke half of the furniture here, I already lost my voice. I don’t know how it all happens. As always, no one was waiting. Anyuta has such a format, so, probably, she is destined, ”Stanislav Shcherbakov shared with the audience.

According to the man, Anna’s mother chose not to watch her daughter’s performance. By the way, she never turns on the TV when the screen shows dance numbers performed by the figure skater.

“Mom never looks, and this time she didn’t look either. I sent messages to her, ”explained Stanislav.

The father admitted that after numerous injuries and fractures, the couple once tried to persuade the girl to quit playing sports. However, attempts by parents to captivate the child in another direction were unsuccessful. Then Anna insisted on figure skating.

“She loves figure skating very much, and I am very glad that this love has helped and now give out the maximum that she has given out,” said Stanislav Shcherbakov.

Anna Shcherbakova herself admitted that she had not yet realized her victory in the Olympic Games. According to her, he feels only joy and relief.

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