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Shoaib Akhtar accuses ICC of bias for trolling

Stormy fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar of his era accused the supreme institution of cricket of breaking neutrality after being trolled by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The ICC trolled the Pakistani cricketer using pictures of basketball star Michael Jordan after Akhtar had claimed that he could dismiss Australian run machine Steve Smith on the fourth ball after three dangerous bouncers.

Jordan is looking at something below in the first ICC photo. The second photo has Akhtar’s tweet while the third photo shows the legendary basketball player laughing.

Akhtar said on Wednesday that he did not like the ICC’s response. The 44-year-old bowler tweeted, “A symbolic tweet, how the ICC broke neutrality. Actually this is how the work goes on there. “

Akhtar, one of the world’s fastest bowlers, also posted a video after it, captioned, “Dear ICC find a new meme or emoji. Sorry I couldn’t find any, I only got some real videos. “Earlier, Akhtar responded on a social media poll in ESPNcricinfo. In this poll, former and present-day veteran bowlers and batsmen were placed face to face.

In this, Akhtar was placed in front of Smith, to which the Pakistani fast bowler said, “Even today after three dangerous bouncers, I can dismiss Steve Smith on the fourth ball. Even after retiring from the game, this cricketer has been dealing with controversies due to his comments.”

Akhtar took 178 wickets, 247 wickets and 19 wickets in 46 Tests, 163 ODIs, and 15 T20 Internationals for Pakistan respectively.

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