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Shoaib Akhtar asks Pakistan PM to lock down the country

Shoaib Akhtar said on his channel, ‘Pakistan has been put in stage 2 of the coronavirus. I had just gone out of my job. The car was closed. The glasses were closed. I did not shake hands with anyone nor hug anyone. I came from far and wide to work quickly.’

Shoaib Akhtar
Shoaib Akhtar

However, what he said next was really shocking. Akhtar said, “I saw a strange thing. I saw 4-4 boys sitting on a motorcycle. They are leaving They are having a picnic. Sitting together and having food. I do not understand what you guys are doing. People are coming home. Why are you coming home? Any corona victim will leave the virus in your home and the whole family will become ill. ‘

He said, ‘There are also reports from Rawalpindi that the restaurants were not closed till 10 pm. There is a curfew in India. People have imposed curfew on their own. But people are roaming around here. I do not understand that people here are not ready to sit at home. What are you guys doing? This is utterly murderous. You are playing with people’s lives. Playing with you too You have children. You are not worrying about anyone’s life. ‘

He demanded from the government of Pakistan, “These people do not want to listen to you. Take strong action. Start a lockdown here. I am saying this with great sadness that people are not listening. This virus is not going to go away so soon. My request to the Government of Pakistan is that plea lock down the city, lockdown Punjab, please lockdown. it’s important. Italy was too late to lock down, and today the number of dead is going to reach 5 thousand. Therefore, I request the Prime Minister of Pakistan that people will not listen here, you should impose curfew. 144 Apply. Lockdown.”

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