Sleeping on your stomach is harmful or not – the pros and cons of sleeping on your stomach

The doctor told why sleeping on the stomach is dangerous and who it will not harm

The doctor told the dangers of sleeping on your stomach

The position of the body during a night’s rest affects the general condition.

Properly chosen resting position is the main component of healthy sleep. Many people prefer to sleep on their stomach, but there is an opinion that this position is wrong and even dangerous to health. Is it so?

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What are the consequences of such a posture? What are the benefits of sleeping on your stomach? Everything is not so clear.

What can the habit of sleeping on your stomach lead to?

Back pain

The first thing that suffers while sleeping on the stomach is the neck and back. When the head is in an unnatural position for 6-8 hours, the load on the spine increases, which can cause chronic back pain. Excessive bending in the lumbar leads to muscle tension when they should be resting.

Circulatory disorders

In the supine position, the neck is in a semi-folded state – at an angle of 90 degrees. In this position, one of the arteries can be pinched, worsening the blood supply to the brain.

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Skin problems

Sleeping on your stomach can cause swelling in the morning. Because with an unnatural position of the spine, the outflow of lymph is disturbed. Suffer from the habit of sleeping on the stomach and the skin of the face and décolleté.

Load on the heart

During sleep on the stomach, the lungs are compressed and cannot fully open when inhaled. The amount of oxygen entering the blood decreases, and the heart has to work harder instead of resting.

Frequent urination to the toilet

Lying on your stomach increases pressure on the bladder, which also interferes with healthy sleep.

What are the Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach?

Sleeping on the stomach is indicated for those who are faced with snoring and suffer from intestinal colic, increased gas formation, gastritis and ulcers. Plus, in the supine position on the stomach, the kidneys are not squeezed, due to which the body is better cleansed. It is also believed that sleeping on the stomach is an ideal condition for straightening the intervertebral cartilage, which provides flexibility and mobility of the spinal column.

If you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of sleeping on your stomach, keep in mind that the pillow should be as thin and soft as possible to minimize the load on the cervical vertebrae.

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