“Spartak” “wet” the judges from the start of the RPL. Evil strategy for the championship

Dmitry Zimin

Dmitry Zimin

Spartak criticizes RPL referees

Will it suddenly work?

On Saturday, Russian football has changed. “Spartak” slapped “Krasnodar” and soared to second place. The team has not been so high since the days of Domenico Tedesco. A long forgotten feeling for the fans. After four goals, grandiose forecasts also went: the former adviser to Fedun, Franco Camozzi, said that Spartak could be higher than Zenit, and correspondence about a potential championship appeared in the KB public. It is even surprising that Zarema Salikhova has not yet performed. She certainly could draw a line under such a cool start of the team.

Victor Moses

Victor Moses

Photo: Sergey Apenkin, “Championship”

But the main thing that surrounds the two rounds is refereeing questions. Spartak staged a showdown after the first one – and really, why put off the inevitable. It is better to speak at the very beginning. A couple of months ago, club boss Evgeny Melezhikov declared the futility of filing appeals with the ESC, but now it is this body that has been called to account. After the game with Akhmat, Spartak turned to the commission for several episodes.

At the same time, the background was pumped up. For example, Fedun said that such judicial decisions are common practice, and adherence to principles is applied only in relation to Spartak. So after all, the referee Vladislav Bezborodov, unfortunately for himself, was born in St. Petersburg – such an unloved city for Spartak.

But ESK RFU resisted. And he said that all the key decisions of Bezborodov were correct. There are indeed questions about the episode with Shelia, but the main thing is that the Spartak bosses probably still have a sediment. That is why, when in the next match Kirill Levnikov sided with Spartak in two controversial situations, some took it as a return of duty. Suppose it is supposedly better this way, but without scandals. As a result, Levnikov from St. Petersburg did not send Sobolev off, but showed a red card to Chernikov. Former referee Fedotov has already given an exhaustive assessment of this episode, which you can read below. In short, the judge made a mistake twice.

But what kind of reaction did you expect from the management of Spartak? It seemed better to remain silent in this case. But it was not there. Fedun took the status of the main speaker of the club from his wife and again went through the judging. The shareholder did not like the penalty awarded to the team. He did not exactly criticize this decision, but called it curious, clearly hinting that this could have been avoided.

But that’s not all – the CEO took the next step. He said that the Spartak players will meet with representatives of the judiciary. Because they need a detailed explanation of each decision of the arbitrators. And if they do not understand this, apparently, they will again have to remember about conspiracies.

So far, Spartak really keeps the situation in the RPL under control. And this was reinforced by a convincing victory over Krasnodar. The defeat in St. Petersburg is already forgotten. Moreover, as they believed in Moscow, it was rather a corporate match. And now the club has embarked on a cynical and even vicious path – they will obviously pay attention to every episode and put pressure on everyone they can.

All in order to be higher by next spring than at the end of last season. Or even a championship cup.

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