How useful is nailing? How to do it right?

We deal with the doctor and instructor.

The practices of acupuncture and acupressure, which include standing on nails, came to us from oriental medicine. This is not just a way of meditation and hardening of the will, it is a healing mechanism that triggers regenerative processes in the body. What else is the benefit and how to decide on this practice?

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This practice makes it possible to start the cleansing and regenerative processes in the body.

Why did everyone decide to stand on nails

Everyone has different requests, but most often people stand on nails to improve their health and learn how to work with their emotions. In the Eastern approach, the body is seen as a container for the circulation of vital energy Qi. Throughout life, we accumulate energy (the concept of “Yin”) and spend it (the concept of “Yang”).


It is believed that Qi energy circulates along the meridians that unite the internal organs and the surface of the body, Yin and Yang. Each meridian is associated with a specific organ and connects it to another organ, forming pairs – dual meridians. Each organ has its own flow of energy, which can be directed outward (Yang) and inward (Yin).

Irina: The Chinese, and now the followers of Chinese teachings, believe that by restoring the correct flow of energy, disturbed due to genetic characteristics and habits, the cause of the disease can be eliminated. Each channel corresponds to a certain point. Their largest accumulation is on the feet. All these points are actively worked out if a person walks barefoot on the ground, on grass, on sand and stones. But in the conditions of urbanization, almost no one does this anymore.

Therefore, standing on nails as an alternative to the original natural study of the Qi channels is a healthy way to improve well-being. But this should be done only under the supervision of a specialist.

So what’s the use?

Standing on nails, you can “live” the emotions stuck in the body – cry, laugh, throw out anger. With the help of certain breathing techniques, you can learn to redirect attention, to go through pain. Such a provocation of pain through the feet teaches you to interact with negative feelings, and not be afraid of them. During practice, you can get acquainted with pain and understand that there is nothing terrible in it.


<a href="">Ivan Zenchenko</a>” title=”<a href="">Ivan Zenchenko</a>“/></p></div><p>founder of the yoga studio Zen Space, teacher of kundalini yoga, yoga nidra, nail art</p><p class=The Sadhu board is a kind of stress-resistance simulator that teaches us to go through tension. Then this skill can be transferred to everyday life, calmly go through situations when we are tense, afraid, angry.

Plus, nailing gives a charge of vivacity due to the release of a large amount of oxytocin – the hormone of happiness. Practice introduces into a certain state of light altered consciousness and euphoria.

Healing is another positive effect of practice. Standing on nails or on the applicator (subject to proper weight distribution), a person works out acupuncture points associated with internal organs, improves blood circulation.

Irina: From the point of view of physiology, such a practice makes it possible to start cleansing and restorative processes. It can be compared to an intense foot massage. Indeed, in addition to energy points, there are nerve endings on the feet. Due to which signals are sent to all tissues and organs.

What are the contraindications

Experts believe that any emotional imbalance can disrupt the effectiveness of the practice. Therefore, it is worth doing only with a clear head and heart. Before you stand on nails, check the list of contraindications:

  • mental illness;
  • open wounds, injuries on the foot;
  • intoxication and a state of altered consciousness due to prohibited substances;
  • cold, fever,
  • pregnancy;
  • varicose veins and some other diseases of the venous system.


Irina: Of the medical contraindications, one can also name epilepsy, strokes or heart attacks. Pregnant women can strictly after consulting a doctor and in the early stages.

How to decide to stand on nails

Ivan: First of all, you need to clearly understand and remind yourself that it is safe, despite the rather strong pain. It is impossible to injure yourself, even standing on the board for an infinitely long time. Of course, if there are no contraindications that we listed above.

Safety, developing stress tolerance, and being able to relax even in severe stressful situations can all be motivations to try the practice. Here are some tips for beginners from a nail specialist:

  • get up on the exhale – so as to take a breath on the board;
  • to practice slow full deep yogic breathing on the board as a tool for getting through a stressful situation;
  • use a support when we get up and go – for example, a window sill;
  • relax – holding tension and holding your breath, it is impossible to stand on the board. You can only get through this with slow, deep breathing;
  • if you can’t get up on your own, come to a lesson on nailing.


How long do you need to stand on nails

Ivan: To just recharge for the whole day, a minute in the morning will be enough to start. But for deeper processes, experiencing feelings, meeting your unconscious and a steady skill of relaxation in stressful situations, it will take from 10 to 40 minutes. Here a lot depends on where and how you do it. Ideally, do the practice accompanied by a teacher who will support and help you get through the pain. And then it will turn out to immediately stand for a long time – 10-20 minutes.

How to choose the right Sadhu board, we have already told here.

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