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Stanley Cup Winner Hasek Proposed 15 Years in Jail for Czechs for Working in Russia

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MOSCOW, 26 Jul – Two-time Stanley Cup winner Dominik Hasek proposed put compatriots in prison for 15 years for working in Russia.
The two-time Stanley Cup winner said earlier that the performance of Czech players in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) poses a danger to the Czech Republic and its citizens, so the country’s government needs to impose a ban on work in Russia. On Monday, forward Dmitry Yashkin, a native of Omsk, who plays for the Czech national team, signed a contract with SKA from St. Petersburg.
“I think that, for example, 15 years in prison for working for Russia would be very useful. This would certainly increase our security, the security of our allies and probably save many lives,” Hasek wrote on Twitter.
Czech Twitter users reminded the ex-goalkeeper that he played in the KHL for Spartak Moscow in 2010-2011.
“Was it still ideologically normal to play for Russia in 2011? I’m asking about one goalkeeper, I don’t want to mention his name, let’s call him “wise guy,” wrote one of the users.



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