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Steven Gerrard introduced fines at Aston Villa, violations and cost


Fines from Gerrard – tin. There will be problems even because of the slippers and the cake!

Pavel Prokhorov

A complete list of crazy rules.

Before the start of the 2022/2023 season, Aston Villa head coach Steven Gerrard imposed tough penalties on the team. For example, if a player didn’t bring a cake on his birthday, he would have to pay £50. This is how the entire list of 20 violations according to Marca looks like.

Late for training – £ 500
Forgot GPS tracker for training – £100
Later left for training – £200 per minute
Late for a team meeting, outing or match day meeting – £1,000
Late for a meeting with a coach – £ 200 per minute
Late for a team meeting – £200 per minute
Incorrect outfit on match day (must wear tracksuit and polo, no shorts) – £100 per piece of clothing
Left plates, cups at the dining table – £100 for each dish
Left the form on the field after training – £ 100 for each item
Wrongly parked the car – £ 100
· Late to commercial events – £250
Forgot birthday cake – £50 each day
Went to shower without flip-flops – £100
Not reporting injury or illness to doctor by 10:00 am – £200
Late for recovery procedures – £ 200
Left snus (chewing tobacco) anywhere – £ 200
Forgot leggings for recovery – £50
Received a card for swearing – £200

Two more items are in bold:

· the player sent off the field must take the team to lunch within four weeks after the red card;

· The worst player of the losing team in a two-way match (determined by the winning team’s vote) must wear a jersey with the words “I was the worst in training” in the warm-up for the following week.

Many coaches have fines for being late to training (for example, each minute of delay cost Spartak players € 100 under Domenico Tedesco), but wearing a sweater that says “I was the worst in training” is an innovation. A long list of violations, Steven Gerrard softened the loyal price of a fine. When Frank Lampard was in charge of Chelsea, it cost him £1,000 to be late for a warm-up and £20,000 for a training session. Late warning of illness was £10,000. In addition, if fines were not paid within two weeks, the amount was doubled .

The penalty system at Chelsea

Photo: twitter.com/EgyptianPlayers

In England, the system of fines is very common. Former Burnley manager Sean Dyche punished players for not bringing sweets on their birthdays. And Josep Guardiola charged a fine for using a mobile phone during tactical exercises and team meetings, but allowed the use of gadgets in the locker room.

Russian coaches also imposed fines on their teams. Sergei Semak, when he worked at Ufa, punished for a checkmate in training, and Leonid Slutsky adopted punishments for simulations from England: “I took the following from England: I introduced a fine for a football player lying on the field during training and asking for a doctor. If he is able to continue the lesson after assistance, he should be fined. They may not wallow, suffer or whine, but train like a man. After all, they are of the same flesh and blood as the British. A very effective method – now no one is lying around.

Legend does not equal good coach? Who was expelled from their native club in a new capacity


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