Steven Gerrard showed his tongue to Everton fans. And as a child, Stephen went to Goodison Park and took pictures in a blue uniform!

Steven Gerrard has returned to the Premier League and arrived at Liverpool yesterday as head coach of Aston Villa. But not in their native Anfield, but in the lair of Liverpool’s principal rival – at Goodison Park.

Aston Villa won 1-0, Everton fans whistled at Gerrard, who, after the final whistle, could not resist and showed them his tongue.

But the Liverpool legend has an even more interesting story connected with Everton. She got out thanks to the English “Daily Mirror” – at one time, the tabloid published a childhood photo of Gerrard in the form of “Everton”.

Whatoooo? Here is what Stephen says about it in his autobiography:

“A lot of people thought it was a montage. And here it is not. This is the rarest photo, taken in 1987, of me standing there in full Everton garb, and I didn’t dress like that for a masquerade ball. When I was six years old, my mother’s brother Leslie took me to Everton’s league games, where I won the game program lottery, and the prize was a souvenir photo with taffy trophies.

Uncle Leslie chuckled because he knew it would drive my dad, an avid Liverpool fan, crazy. And so it happened. From one thought about this, dad wound up: “You’re not going anywhere! Leslie, he’s not coming!” I was still small, I really didn’t even know what the rivalry between our two teams meant, so I really wanted to take a picture. For me it was quite normal. Leslie brought me a brand new uniform, and I was happy to go to Goodison, where the photographer captured it all.

Yes, there was a typical football confrontation in the Gerrard family: Steven’s father thought so – either you are “red” or you are nobody. “Liverpool”, “Liverpool”, “Liverpool” – he drove into his son like a prayer. And my uncle went to Everton matches and often took his nephew with him.

Stevie G admits that for a long time he could not choose the team of his heart. He could be in the stands at Goodison Park one week and singing songs at the Anfield Kop the next. The young man decided only when he entered the Liverpool academy in 1989.

“Now I often think: what the hell did I do then … Well, we all make mistakes. Let’s put it down to a young age. At that time, I was more interested in the desire to get a new uniform – it became my hobby, collecting T-shirts. At Christmas, they gave me a uniform, for my birthday they gave me a uniform. Mom and dad always made me happy, they knew what it meant to me. I had jerseys from Tottenham, Manchester City, and, of course, Liverpool and Everton. The Match of the day program largely contributed to this: when the Spurs met the Butterscotch on Sunday, right after the final whistle I was already walking down the street in the winners’ T-shirt, imagining myself as the hero of the match. My eyes shone, for I was in the form of conquerors!”

And ahead of the guy 710 matches and 186 goals for Liverpool and the status, perhaps, of the club’s main legend. Someday he will return to Anfield as head coach – there is no doubt about it!

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