The famous Amouranth conquers new heights. For a bright girl there are no boundaries

Anatoly Romanov

Anatoly Romanov

Amouranth conquers new heights

The popular streamer is gradually moving away from the scandalous image and begins to engage in serious projects.

streamer Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa known for her scandalous image. The girl has a lot of haters, but she also has her own numerical audience. She can be treated differently, as well as her followers on Twitch and other platforms too. This does not change the fact of the streamer’s popularity. And her high income, which has long exceeded $ 1 million per month.

It is important to note that Amouranth conquers new heights and gradually moves away from its scandalous image. This month she decided leave OnlyFans. And has already invested about $ 400 thousand in new content for Twitch, which will be a “career turning point”.

Photo: From the personal archive of Caitlin Siragusa

Caitlyn became the lead producer of the show Streamer Royale. This is a project with the participation of foreign streamers. Based on the name, the show may be about competition between streamers. The organizers have not yet disclosed the details, but promise to do so in the near future. In general, the girl’s focus on doing something more serious than publishing explicit content is becoming more and more noticeable.

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In May, Siragusa invested in S&P Global shares, spending $338,000. This is an American media holding that is engaged in publishing, as well as providing financial and business services. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, Amouranth has also invested:

  • in Amazon – she bought 500 shares for $ 2.1 thousand apiece (more than $ 1 million);
  • in Visa – about $ 1 million;
  • to a gas station — $4 million;
  • to the 7-Eleven chain of stores – $ 10 million;
  • in Activision Blizzard – bought 24 thousand shares ($ 1.9 million);
  • in Google – $ 2 million. Now she owns 2135 shares of the corporation, the total value of which has grown to $ 5 million.

But this is not all. Caitlyn also spent $10 million buying a toy company, mostly inflatable pools and accessories. She earns $15 million every 12 months by supplying her goods to the Amazon online store and the Costco department store chain. The case turned out to be more than successful, so the streamer plans to invest another $ 7 million in the project over the next seven years. It is noteworthy that the girl earns part of the money for investments in such an inflatable pool during streams in a swimsuit.

Photo: From the personal archive of Caitlin Siragusa

The commercial vein of Amouranth is highly developed. She understands that it is impossible to earn money solely on her bright appearance forever. A similar way of thinking was formed just thanks to a significant number of ill-wishers.

A huge part of my success is the merit of the haters who constantly said that all my popularity would collapse as soon as I got old.

This encouraged me to work harder. It’s funny, but the haters made me save money. Everything I earned, I invested to secure my future.

Surpassed even the famous Amouranth.  The most popular Twitch streamer impresses with her appearance
Surpassed even the famous Amouranth. The most popular Twitch streamer impresses with her appearance

Now Siragusa is 28 years old. She still streams regularly on Twitch, but is gradually taking shape as a businesswoman. The balance will continue to shift towards business activity.

Amouranth will have to deal with the aftermath of the activities that made her famous in her younger years for a while. Recently, Caitlin spoke about the arrest of a stalker from Estonia, who pursued her for a month.

The man has been following her closely since around May 8 and even created his own Twitch channel, where he copied Amouranth’s broadcasts. The Estonian went to extreme measures and attempted to break into the house of a streamer. Siragusa immediately called the police. Half an hour later, the perpetrator was arrested.

Not all of these effects are negative. popular video game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim it is now possible to pass as a character with the appearance of Amouranth. A mod called “COtR Amouranth for fun” is already available on Nexusmods.

Amouranth is an ambiguous personality. Criticism against her is quite understandable, but the girl cannot be blamed for the lack of determination and efficiency. Caitlin’s recipe for success is simple – use your appearance. However, it constantly bypasses similar competitors. That’s why.

I had financial problems. So I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something. And then the theme with streams from inflatable pools fired.

As Caitlin points out, most girls don’t want to broadcast for long.

And I can’t blame them. The streaming environment is sometimes very toxic. Other streamers don’t want to do it either, no matter the category.

People don’t want to stream 12 hours a day. The only one who can match my hours is xQc.

This is what gave the girl a great advantage – she spent a lot of time on broadcasting in recent years. In the end, the tactic was successful.

Photo: From the personal archive of Caitlin Siragusa

Modern serials, from which it is impossible to break away
Modern serials, from which it is impossible to break away

According to the results of the first quarter of 2022, IronMouse videographer displaced Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa from the first line of the rating of the most popular streamers on the Twitch platform – 10.76 versus 8.05 million hours watched, respectively.

Caitlin is still leading among real people. For sure, in the foreseeable future, the situation for Amouranth on Twitch at least will not worsen. And if suddenly streamer things go wrong, then Siragusa is unlikely to be sad. For a girl, there are no boundaries. Caitlyn does not focus exclusively on Twitch and has built her own, albeit not gigantic on a global scale, but quite successful business empire.


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