Mesut Ozil is going downhill. It would be more honest to leave football

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Mesut Ozil is going downhill

The midfielder has more scandals than exploits on the field.

Let’s go back 10 years. Mesut Ozil is the star of Real Madrid and an integral part of the super-bond with Cristiano Ronaldo. And then – the world champion and footballer, for whom the economical London Arsenal gave almost € 50 million. Ozil was appreciated both in Spain and in England, where he immediately began to give out bundles of assists.

By 2021, Ozil’s career has gone downhill. For Arsenal, the midfielder became a burden with an inflated salary (€ 350 thousand per week), did not play a single match for the season and left for free. And at the same time disappeared from the radar of the fans. Where is he now?

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In January 2021, Ozil was happy. After parting with Arsenal, he fulfilled his dream and moved to Fenerbahce. Mesut immediately stated that he had been a fan of the club since childhood and hoped for a successful future.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil

former Fenerbahce midfielder

“About 20 years ago, I was a Turkish immigrant who ran after the ball in the streets of Gelsenkirchen in a Fenerbahce uniform. Luckily, I was able to put on the club jersey that I had dreamed of for many years.”

Ozil failed to start brightly in his historical homeland. By the end of the season, he had 10 matches and only one assist. Mesut started the next championship draw more actively and scored 2 + 1 on “goal + pass” in five matches. But there was a scandal. Journalists found out that Ozil was unhappy with his position at Fener and wanted to go to the United States or Qatar, where he would obviously be trusted and would be paid even more.

Rumors about Ozil’s mood were quickly confirmed. In early October, Fenerbahce head coach Vitor Pereira left Mesut on the bench for the championship match. At the beginning of the second half, Mesut went to warm up and spent 40 minutes on the edge, but he never entered the field. As a result, a shirtfront flew towards Pereira.

Mesut Ozil at Fenerbahce

Mesut Ozil at Fenerbahce

Photo: Elif Ozturk Ozgoncu/Getty Images

Even the president of Fener, Ali Koch, had to intervene in the situation. He stated that Özil “needs to focus on football”, “leave commercial interests aside” and “think more about the club”. Ozil eventually outlived Pereira and even produced good statistics in the 2021/2022 season (8+2 in 22 league matches), but in March he fell for acting head coach Ismail Kartal. Due to the conflict, Mesut was expelled from the squad. He never appeared on the field again.

In the summer, rumors began to circulate that Ozil’s adventure with Fener had come to an end. What did Mesut do? He rolled out a powerful statement, where in the very first sentence he called the information about leaving a lie:

“I am proud to say that I achieved my career goal by signing with Fenerbahce, the love of my childhood, without even getting paid for the first six months. Therefore, I am ready to repeat once again that I will not end my career in another team, except for Fenerbahce. For the duration of the contract, my only goal is to give myself completely to this club. This decision is final and beyond question.

Now guess what happened two weeks later. That’s right, Ozil left Fenerbahce, terminating the contract by agreement of the parties. And a day later he became a player in Istanbul Basaksehir, a direct competitor of the former team. The very team in whose love Mesut so swore and in which he was going to end his career. There is no certainty that Ozil will reboot in the new team and give up stellar manners. But there is a case in which Mesut is already showing himself better than in football. This is esports. Here is what the midfielder’s agent Erkut Sogut recently said:

Ozil will devote more time to video games. Perhaps he will become an esportsman. Mesut is really good at Fortnite. I won’t be surprised if one day he starts to participate in tournaments.

In football, the rules change.  Now there are other consequences for insults.
In football, the rules change. Now there are other consequences for insults.

Ozil is now 33 years old. By today’s standards, this age is not a sentence. But, given the priorities of Mesut, there is a strong feeling that it would be more honest to leave football.

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