Summer Biathlon World Championship – 2022, the best tournament in history was held without Russia and Belarus – results, prize money

While Russian and Belarusian biathletes competed at the first stage of the Commonwealth Cup, their foreign counterparts ran at the summer world championship. It is paradoxical that without the Russians and Belarusians the tournament became the main event of the off-season for almost the first time in its history. The thing is that almost all the leaders of the world biathlon came to Ruhpolding. And it seems that they did not care that Russian and Belarusian athletes were not with them.

Weddings, extreme and Rubik's Cube.  How world biathlon stars spend their summer
Weddings, extreme and Rubik’s Cube. How world biathlon stars spend their summer

Top roster and big prize money

The summer biathlon world championships have been held since 1996, but it seems that until this year they did not arouse much interest of the audience. The reason for this unpopularity is simple: the leaders of the world biathlon preferred to skip the tournament, and the national teams sent second, and sometimes even third teams to the competition. However, the 2022 Summer World Championship got out of this gray series thanks to the arrival of the main stars of the world biathlon to the tournament: Dorothea Wierer, Elvira Oeberg, Sebastian Samuelsson, Denise Herrman, Martha Reuseland, Benedikt Doll, Martin Ponsiluoma and others.

Why did the top biathletes decide to pay attention to the CHM?

Firstly, the tournament was held on one of the best biathlon tracks in the world – in Ruhpolding. Secondly, the pursuit was replaced by a new discipline – the gala mass start. And the top 15 in the World Cup 2021/2022 are automatically admitted to it, all winners of the recently held Blink festival and the first two races of the 2022 CHM. Thirdly, the prize money at the tournament has been significantly increased compared to last year and has become comparable to the cash prizes at the World Cup. Thus, the winners of the sprint and super sprint received € 5,000 each, and the winners of the gold medals of the gala mass start received € 15,000 each!

“It’s a shame that the Russians didn’t participate.” A tournament for ski and biathlon stars was held in Norway

For three days, from 26 to 28 August, six races were held: sprints, super sprints and gala mass starts. The men on the pedestal were representatives of three countries: Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. The real star of the 2022 CHM was Sebastian Samuelsson, who won two golds and one silver. Peppe Femling received two medals – silver and bronze.

Biathlon. Summer World Cup 2022. Ruhpolding, Germany

Competition results. Men

super sprint

1. Philip Horn (Germany) – 15.55.4 (2);

2. Sebastian Samuelsson (Sweden) +0.2 (3);

3. Peppe Femling (Sweden) +0.7 (3).


1. Sebastian Samuelsson (Sweden) – 18.38.1 (1);

2. Peppe Femling (Sweden) + 8.3 (1);

3. Niklas Hartweg (Switzerland) +27.2 (1).

Gala mass start

1. Sebastian Samuelsson (Sweden) – 32.34.7 (2);

2. Roman Rees (Germany) +2.9 (1);

3. Martin Ponsiluoma (Sweden) +13.2 (4).

The women on the podium had a greater variety, representatives of the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Finland got into the prizes. Although the Italians clearly dominated the tournament: two races were won by Dorothea Wierer, another by Lisa Vittozzi, who also became the silver medalist. Good was also Marketa Davidova, who won silver and bronze.

Lisa Vittozzi

Lisa Vittozzi

Photo: From the personal archive

Biathlon. Summer World Cup 2022. Ruhpolding, Germany

Competition results. Women

super sprint

1. Dorothea Wierer (Italy) – 19.05.7 (1);

2. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) +5.5 (3);

3. Anastasia Kinnunen (Finland) +13.9 (0).


1. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) – 16.21.4 (1);

2. Marketa Davidova (Czech Republic) +2.4 (0);

3. Lena Hekki Gross (Switzerland) +23.9 (0).

Gala mass start

1. Dorothea Wierer (Italy) – 28.21.1 (1);

2. Denise Herrmann (Germany) +9.4 (1);

3. Marketa Davidova (Czech Republic) +30.9 (2).

“We are still doing well here.”

The Russian team, which has always performed with dignity at the summer championships, did not come to Ruhpolding because of the suspension, in fact, like the Belarusian team. But the tournament still could not do without Russians and Belarusians, albeit former ones.

“I thought how my elbow hurts.”  Goreeva fell twice, but took gold at the summer world championship
“I thought how my elbow hurts.” Goreeva fell twice, but took gold at the summer world championship

The main sensation in Germany, of course, was the ex-biathlete of the Belarusian national team, now playing for Finland, Anastasia Kinnunen (Duborezova), who won bronze in the super sprint. For Kinnunen, this achievement was the most serious in his career. However, the following races did not work out for the girl: she became 51st in the sprint, and 26th in the gala mass start.

Lisa Vittozzi, Dorothea Wierer and Anastasia Kinnunen

Lisa Vittozzi, Dorothea Wierer and Anastasia Kinnunen

Photo: picture alliance via Getty Images

There were much more former Russian athletes at the tournament, in total – nine people. True, they could not boast of the same successful results as those of Kinnunen. Natalia Ushkina, Pavel Magazeev, Dmitry Shamaev, Alina Stremous, Maxim Makarov, Andrey and Mikhail Usovs were part of the Moldovan national team. And Anastasia Tolmacheva and Elena Chirkova represented the Romanian national team at the summer world championship. Among men, the best was Shamaev, who took 27th place in the sprint, among women, the highest result was shown by Ushkina, who finished 14th in the super sprint.

And the suspended Russian and Belarusian athletes who competed in Sochi admitted that they were not very upset about missing the tournament.

“You know, top athletes rarely attend the summer world championships, so it was strange for me that many of the elite of the world biathlon went there to compete now. Usually everyone sits out, as this is not included in the preparation plan. On a summer world, I wouldn’t want to compete.

I sincerely rejoiced for Anastasia Kinnunen, nee Duborezova. I’m glad she did well on the firing lines! I watched the cividate race while taking a walk in Rosa Khutor (smiles). There is no regret that we are not on the summer world. We are still doing well here,” said Dinara Alimbekova.

Russian Kazakevich missed the victory at the summer World Cup in the last shooting.  How so?
Russian Kazakevich missed the victory at the summer World Cup in the last shooting. How so?

Relatively indifferent to the tournament was also Karim Khalili, who last year actively competed abroad in summer biathlon competitions.

“I follow the summer world championship only by results and analytics. Of course, I will watch the World Cup in winter. We can’t close.”

It seems that neither our athletes were upset because of missing the CHM, nor foreign biathletes noticed the absence of Russians and Belarusians. Nevertheless, without our tournament came out quite bright and memorable. It seems that this may continue to happen when the winter season begins.

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