The Swedish jumper at the 2022 World Cup flew into space. But Duplantis did not overshadow the great Ukrainian

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

Swede Duplantis sets world record

The 22-year-old pole-driver set another world record, and became the world champion for the first time in his career.

The 2022 World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, USA ended with a fantastic jump by the Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis. Surprisingly, the Olympic champion and current world record holder has never won a summer world championship until this year. Now the 22-year-old has all the titles and all the records.

Chronologically, it was Duplantis’s record jump that completed the competitive program of the World Championships.

Prior to this, the magnificent Swede overcame all previous heights on the first attempt. He secured his gold medal by jumping 6 meters, and immediately after that he asked the organizers to put 6.06 meters.

Arman overcame the bar set at a record height for the world championships on the first attempt with a huge margin. However, for him this height is already so, akin to a warm-up. As for Elena Isinbayeva at one time, 4.90 m – with such jumps, she would still be a champion now.

Of course, everyone was waiting for an attempt at 6.21 m from Duplantis. In March, at the winter world championships in Belgrade, the Swede outwardly easily jumped 6.20 m, setting another world record. But there is neither wind nor sun in the room, and Belgrade is in the time zone familiar to Arman.

Armand Duplantis

Armand Duplantis

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The first attempt at 6.21m was so bad that Duplantis didn’t even make it to the bar. It seemed that he had left all the emotions in the previous jump and would not be able to concentrate on the record. But no, the Swede did something fantastic. He took another pole, took a run and outwardly as easily as in March in Belgrade, overcame the bar.

It was like he flew into space. Before that, there were expectations when a person will be able to overcome 6.20 m – it was an incredible height. The great Soviet and Ukrainian jumper Sergei Bubka finished at 6.15 m, and athletes have been storming this height in open stadiums for 26 years! Already great at 22, Duplantis raised the record by 6 cm, but this is hardly the limit for the Swede. Most likely, he is ready for both 6.25 m and 6.30 m.

The Swede admitted that he did not think about the world record at all, since most of all he wanted to win the world title. Now he has the gold he longed for so much. But Bubka has six championship titles, the first of which he took at the age of 19, and the world championships were held until 1991 every four years.

So Duplantis still has much to strive for.

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