Switzerland – Cameroon – 1:0, match review and statistics, November 24, 2022, World Cup in Qatar

The most “Russian” match at the 2022 World Cup! Now “ours” are unlikely to be saved in the “group of death”

Dmitry Zimin

Dmitry Zimin

Switzerland - Cameroon - 1:0, review

And Cameroon is definitely going to stay until the final?

You have definitely come across the words of the legendary Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o. He now steers the federation, put an old friend to coach the national team and, according to rumors, influences the process himself. So, Eto’o set a specific goal – the team must reach the final and leave Qatar on the last day of the World Cup. Allegedly, tickets were even booked for this date. Naturally, every match of Cameroon will now be considered through this goal. But the game with Switzerland did not exactly bring her closer.

In the first half, Cameroon still gave the impression of a team that could score. Mbemo and Shupo-Moting strained the defense and Sommer, making quick breaks. For some reason, the Swiss did not always have time to return to the defense, and free zones were formed, which were used by the attacking players of Cameroon. But they missed a few chances to score. And after the break, Murat Yakin apparently explained how to defend properly. And he reminded me to score.

The goal of the Swiss turned out to be so simple, as if it were not real football, but an easy level of virtual. Freuler received the ball on the right flank, rolled the ball across half of the penalty area to the center. And there was not a single Cameroonian to intercept! As a result, the ball rolled up to Embolo, who shot the gates of Onana.

Interestingly, the striker did not celebrate. The thing is that he was born just in the capital of Cameroon, but as a child he moved to Switzerland. Now, by the way, he plays for Monaco – in the same team with Alexander Golovin.



Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

It seemed that the Africans should join after that. Especially after a good first half. But the scenario of the game turned in a different direction. Instead of attacks, Cameroon mostly defended itself, and in front nothing happened at all. Song tried to freshen up the game with substitutions. The first to enter the field was Gael Ondua, a footballer who has strong associations with Russia. He moved to the country at a young age, played for the Lokomotiv school and CSKA, and now plays for Hannover. But he considers himself Russian. And playing at the World Cup is a dream that came true for him already in the first match. Even with a negative result.



Photo: Maja Hitij – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

For the last 15 minutes, Mumu Ngamalyo, the Dynamo midfielder, one of the rare representatives of the RPL in Qatar, also entered the field. But his exit did nothing for Cameroon either. On the contrary, in the very end the chances were created by the Swiss and could increase the advantage.

With such a game and attitude, it will be very difficult for Cameroon to stay in Qatar even until the playoffs. Competitors in the group are simply the hardest: Serbia was left without direct access to the World Cup Italy, Serbia bypassed the Portuguese, and Brazil is simply the best FIFA team in the world.

So the task from Eto’o is in jeopardy. It remains only to resume your career yourself and show how to achieve results by your own example. Instead of issuing strange and impracticable slogans.

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