Shesterkin apologized for the bad game in the NHL game against New Jersey

Rangers goaltender Shesterkin apologizes for poor performance in NHL game against New Jersey MOSCOW, 29 Nov – New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin admitted that he was very ashamed of his game in the NHL regular season match with the New Jersey Devils. National Hockey League (NHL) November 29, 2022 • start at 03:00 Completed … Read more

Tajikistan – Russia – 0:0, Valery Karpin considers the result the norm, why games in Asia have a bad effect on the team

And at what lessons were we told that it is impossible to simultaneously enter into some kind of society and be independent of it? It seems that Karl Marx came up with this. And then Vladimir Lenin copied it. A revolutionary, convinced that he understands the people better than others. Ok, let’s agree with his … Read more

3 bad eating habits that are formed in childhood

Healthy eating behavior helps a growing body develop fully and protects against many health problems in the future, including obesity and anorexia. If parents want to raise a healthy child, they should refuse manipulations that spoil the child’s relationship with food. We talk about three bad eating habits that are formed in childhood.

The International 2022 in Dota 2 is a failure, it has never been so bad

A few hours ago, the main esports tournament, The International 2022, ended in Singapore. This year, the “Dota holiday” left behind mixed feelings both among fans and in the community of ordinary Dota 2 players. Now is the time to put together all the impressions in order to try to understand the authors of hundreds … Read more

Tournament in Naples is a nightmare: bad and even dangerous courts, conflicts with players and match postponements

“The worst tournament in history.” Conflicts with players and traumatic courts – Naples trash Sofia Kolodkina October 21, 2022 The organizers have been roasting for a whole week. And this is at the 250 series tournament. The tournament in Naples seems to be hinting at being covered up – all the week that it has … Read more

Kokorin explained the bad period at Fiorentina

Kokorin explained the unsuccessful performance at Fiorentina with a series of injuries after the transfer MOSCOW, 17 Oct – Russian striker Alexander Kokorin said that he had no problems adapting to the Italian Fiorentina and was not going to go on loan to practice at a weaker football club from Italy. Kokorin moved to Fiorentina … Read more

Dziuba criticized in Turkey for “bad game”

Turkish journalist Ozcan compared Dzyuba with Balotelli and criticized for a bad game MOSCOW, 13 Oct — Russian striker “Adana Demirspor” Artem Dzyuba was again criticized for unsuccessful performances. Turkish sports journalist Mehmet Ozcan said that Dziuba is playing poorly against the backdrop of a failed transfer to Fenerbahce and tactical experiments by Adana Demirspor … Read more