Figure skater Stepanova made an offer with a wedding ring after the ice show

© / Maxim Bogodvid / Go to photo bankFigure skating. Russian championship. Dancing. rhythmic dance MOSCOW, July 23 – Russian figure skater Alexandra Stepanova agreed to marry after Ilya Averbukh’s ice show in Sochi. Stepanova’s partner Vlad Malinov stepped onto the ice of the arena after the show and presented the skater with a bouquet … Read more

"What’s next?": Shcherbakov about devastation, growing up and goals

© / Alexander Wilf / Go to photo bankRussian athlete Anna Shcherbakova performs in the free program of women’s single skating © / Grigory Sysoev / Go to photo bankAnna Shcherbakova Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova will perform in Ilya Averbukh’s show “Champions” in Sochi throughout July. The correspondent visited the performance taking place … Read more

Averbukh spoke about the dramatic episode with Tarasova at the ice show

Averbukh: Tarasova came to shoot the show a few days after the death of her sister MOSCOW, April 14 — Olympic medalist, coach and choreographer Ilya Averbukh spoke about a case from the life of the honored coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova, which demonstrated her fortitude. “You can talk about this great woman endlessly. … Read more

Averbukh told how to keep Russian skaters from changing citizenship

Averbukh: Many young athletes can leave Russia, we need to give them motivation to stay MOSCOW, 8 April — Olympic medalist, choreographer and director Ilya Averbukh told how to keep Russian figure skaters from changing citizenship amid sanctions. “Those guys who want to play here and now and have not yet been involved in the … Read more

Averbukh predicted the outflow of figure skaters from Russia in case of prolonged isolation

Averbukh: if the issue of sanctions is not resolved, the skaters will compete for other countries MOSCOW, 30 Mar — Ilya Averbukh, world champion in ice dancing, said that long-term sanctions from the International Skating Union (ISU) could provoke a massive outflow of figure skaters from Russia. “We need to be in the orbit of … Read more

"Gotta get it tough": Averbukh – about the situation with Valieva’s doping test

Averbukh announced the need to “hard deal” with the situation with Valieva’s doping test MOSCOW, 25 Mar — Choreographer Ilya Averbukh, in an interview with the Nachalo YouTube channel, commented on the story of a positive doping test result for Olympic figure skating champion Kamila Valieva. At the Olympic Games in February, Valieva became the … Read more

Averbukh responded to a journalist who laughed at the absence of Russians at the World Cup

Averbukh urged not to pay attention to the gloating American journalist MOSCOW, 25 Mar – Honored Master of Sports of Russia Ilya Averbukh reacted to the words of American journalist Christine Brennan about the unusual World Figure Skating Championships, which is taking place in France. In an interview with Sport-Express, the specialist noted that the … Read more