AFP: Court indicts Pogba’s brother and jails him for extorting money

© / Alexey FilippovFootball MOSCOW, 17 Sep – Matthias Pogba and four others have been charged with extortion from his brother, Italian Juventus and France footballer Paul Pogba, according to AFP. On Saturday, Matias Pogba appeared before the investigating judge. He and four other suspects were charged and placed in custody. The footballer’s brother’s lawyer … Read more

RMC Sport: French police detain Pogba’s brother in extortion case

© AFP 2022 / GUILLAUME SOUVANTMatthias Pogba MOSCOW, 14 Sep – Police have detained Matias Pogba and four others in a case of extortion from his brother, Italian Juventus footballer and French national team Paul Pogba, according to RMC Sport. According to the source, the police failed to find him at home in the morning. … Read more