Gifts for skaters and fan club promotions at test skates: what surprised the fans of Valieva, Trusova and others

Did you miss figure skating, right? Spectators who came to Megasport over the weekend – definitely yes. The fans prepared very carefully for the first large-scale event of the season: banners, chants, gifts – everything is in abundance! The “Championship” found out which of the skaters got the biggest toy on the ice, how the … Read more

Alexandra Trusova impressed with the new short program at the test skates, but did not jump the triple Axel

Alexandra Trusova not childishly lit up at the test skates and clearly refuted the myth of non-componentity. In an emerald dress and flirtatious red bangs, she skated very sensually to the blues and got a flurry of applause. Her new short program definitely promises to win the hearts of many fans and compete for the … Read more

Kamila Valieva at test skates 2022: code in the short program, injury, loss of faith, rejection of ultra-c

At the control screenings in Moscow, Kamila Valieva presented a bright production to the music from a space film. Surrounded by an aura of mystery, she made an indelible impression on the audience, who until the last tried to unravel the cipher sealed in the choreography using Morse code. But while the audience was busy … Read more

The main quotes of the skaters on the first day of test skates: Trusova and Valiev – about injuries, Samarin – about the agenda

The test skates of the Russian national team became an opportunity not only to see the new programs of the skaters, but also to communicate with them after a long off-season. In the mixed zone, the athletes spoke in detail about their performances, well-being and goals for the season. Someone answered casually, and someone deployed … Read more

Short programs at test skates: Trusova and Valieva are injured, Tuktamysheva jumped a triple Axel

Well, wait! These words convey the emotions of all figure skating fans when the camera first showed the view of Megasport from above, and then the coaches behind the sides. And when they heard the voice of Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova, who was absent from the microphone all last season! With respect to men and doubles, … Read more

Bingo for test skates in figure skating – 2022: tears because of Valieva, Plushenko’s chewing gum, Tutberidze’s coat

Tears because of Valieva, Plushenko’s chewing gum and applause from Tutberidze. figure bingo September 23, 2022 Turn watching test skates into an exciting game. What we have been waiting for so long is about to happen. The figure skating season starts tomorrow! The best skaters of Russia will finally present their new programs, throwing off … Read more

Test skates – 2022 in figure skating: Trusova, Valieva vs. Akatieva, Kolyada – Kondratyuk, debuts in dance

Valieva and Trusova against the star junior Tutberidze. The main intrigues of test skates Ekaterina Avdonina September 23, 2022 A new generation of figure skaters will try to attract attention at the starts in Moscow. Akatieva and Petrosyan will appear fully armed. The season in figure skating is about to begin. At the control skates … Read more

Test skates of Russian figure skaters on September 24-25: schedule, list of participants, broadcasts, where to watch

Who will not be and what time to turn on the TV? All about the test skaters Valeria Kukaleva September 22, 2022 In addition to Shcherbakova and Kostornaya, other star “truants” were discovered. On September 24-25, Megasport Moscow will host test skates of the Russian national team: single skaters, single skaters, sports couples and dance … Read more

Trusova and Valieva will perform in the test skates of the Russian national figure skating team

© / Alexander WilfFigure skating. Jump Festival MOSCOW, 22 Sep – All participants in the test skates of the Russian national figure skating team in Moscow have been determined, according to the website of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. In women’s single skating, their programs will be presented by Sofia Akatieva, Kamila Valieva, Sofia Muravieva, … Read more